Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Employment, bubbly, shopping and Marc Jacobs.

People, I am EMPLOYED!

*throws confetti in air, prances around, while weeping tears of gratitude*

I've been trying NOT to write about this for the past week or so. I mean, what is the point of making such an announcement when no contract has been signed? What if the company withdraws its offer and I'm back to square one being the pauper that I am?

But today, times have changed my dearest readers. Yes, you. The 10-12 friends who follow this blog. I am employed and I am moving out soon.

Phase 1 of my Total Independence = Complete.

-- Mmmmm.. bottle of bubbly..

Buy me champagne, house deco stuff and let's hope we don't thrash my house deco pressies while we are drunk on the champagne you have so generously brought over.

I signed the contract yesterday and while I don't know when I will start work, I have been out stocking up on my working wardrobe. Oh, joy! Pure unadulterated joy.

Dropped serious moolah at MNG on Sunday. So many things to buy, but so very unappropriate as well. I mean, I don't think my supervisor is going to be that impressed if I turn up at work looking like prairie girl, or with half my boob out. Note: The latter, is never going to happen.

Bought working pants. It's so goddamn difficult to buy pants. If I get the right cut, they will miraculously run out of my size. If I get the right size and shade, the cut will be all wrong and it is so billowy, I can fit both my calves in a trouser leg.

No pencil skirts in sight either. Plenty of white-ish billowy ones but I have like 3 of those. No navy or black billowy skirts found too. Sigh, The Big Guy Up There has a quirky sense of humour.

-- Me need nice skirt that doesn't make my ass looks bigger than it already is.

I gave shoes a pass (Ed: Gasp!! Is that even POSSIBLE?), since I have many pairs of shoes in black, and urm black. Well, unless we're talking about Marc Jacobs shoes, I'm not succumbing to anything less that Marc Jacobs The Great's creation.

-- Marc Jacob's awesome-ness can be witnessed here.

Maybe I need heels. I'll give that a try. If I don't fall down the overhead bridge when I'm half-walking, half-running to my work place, heels are in. They make me look taller, so that's just fab.

[More on Marc Jacobs in the coming days.]

No more bags for me. Unless it's those prim and proper type that can put heaps of stuff inside. I know me. I need space. And pockets.

-- Something like this.

This semi shopping post is just me trying to get back to my happy days. Will write more after I've done my research!

p.s. All pictures of clothing and shoes are by Marc Jacobs. The bag is from Coach.

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