Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hospital and be back soon.

Sorry guys. I have been away for the last couple of days because of a family emergency. Spent my days at the hospital. Still at the hospital.

Even my illness came and went without any hiccups. Phew.

My laptop is getting all cranky now. I brought some dvds to the hospital so that I could watch them and not die of boredom when my assistance was not needed. And this piece of crap couldn't detect ANYTHING on the D: at all.

Bloody friggin' hell.

Well normal posting will resume soon. Which probably translates to a sudden surge in the number of subpar posts (like 5 a day), which will quickly dwindle to the occasional one every few days. We shall see.

I'm stealing someone's wireless network at the moment and I don't really know when I'll be back. In the meantime, take care, drink lots of fluids and stay in the pink of health.

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