Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Movies for Summer 2006.

I usually write movie posts at the beginning of the year, but due to my globetrotting duties, I can only sit down and write about those that haven't passed us by.

You know, all the popcorn blockbusters that are probably worth your time and money are usually out in summer. Family oriented movies? December. Because during summer, school's out and what better way to earn the under-20s money by overstimulating their senses with swashbuckling adventures on the big screen? December is the time of Christmas and no one wants to watch people get killed/mauled when it's that close to Xmas. So most PG, G-rated family flicks are shown then.

Enough explanation on how movie releases work. This is my guide to what I'll be watching. I can't say that they are brainy movies, but I can pretty much guarantee that I'll enjoy them. Let's hope you do too.

Without further ado, let me key you in on the Must-See movies for the summer of 2006.

1) The Da Vinci Code
-- May 18 2006

Simply because it's the Da Vinci code. I know I mentioned something about advertising overkill, but I just want to go watch the movie and see where it FAILS the book. It's like reading Michael Crichton's Timeline, only to watch the onscreen adaptation crashed and burnt. For me, the Da Vinci Code will be the disaster that was Timeline. The movie, not the book.

2) Superman Returns
-- 30 June 2006

We all love our superheroes. In times like these when the world seems to be coming to an end (what with the bird flu, hurricanes, volanic eruptions, war on terror, Bush etc. you would naturally think we're all dying pretty soon.), we need that tiny glimmer of hope. And this summer, that tiny light is Superman.

3) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
-- 7 July 2006

Johnny Depp. Aye aye matey! I do love my sailors. ;)

4) The Devil Wears Prada
-- 30 June 2006

A parody of Anna Wintour? And it says "Prada" on the title? I'm going. Plus, I read the book so I'm definitely going. Chick lit and movies are SOMETIMES my guilty pleasures.

5) L'Enfant
-- 24 March 2006

French is my thing. I find that there's something so disarming, so raw, and at the same time, touching in French movies. Fatherhood, crime and children peddling. 3 things that should never be in the same sentence. My heart is aching before I even watch this.

6) Nacho Libre
-- 16 June 2006

Jack Black as the unconventional hero who wrestles? In tights? With a cape? I want in on this movie. I know it sounds like another one of those movies with zero plot and just chockful of toilet humour, but hey, loosen up.

7) X-Men: The Last Stand
-- 26 May 2006

For some people, it's Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine. For me, it's closure. I need this for my sanity or I can't stop thinking about Jean Gray.

8) Click
-- 23 June 2006

Adam Sandler is back with a movie. This one with a life lesson, and as expected from the guy who made Happy Gilmore, I'm sure fart jokes are in there somewhere.

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