Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The first person I hate at my workplace.

Queen bitch V.

That's my name for her.

(Will get rather technical. Just skim through and pretend you know what I'm talking about.)

This is the first person I honestly hate in this place. If you want me to check if a person's email is active, I have to call up the email service provider to check it up. I can't just look at the screen and tell you that by having an email address, his email is active. There is such a thing called "account suspension".

If you just want me to check if he has an email account, just say so. Don't try and get smart on me and tell me to see if the account is "active". And don't you fucking raise your voice at me over the phone.

Fucking bitch.

Watch out, and if you EVER be mean to me again, I'll bitchslap you till kingdom come.

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