Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mind drifting, selling out, mind-numbing job and incredible debt.

Now all I can think about is my Sunday outfit. (Answer: My ribbon-tie sandals.) And what I'm going to order for my afternoon tea break later. (Answer: English Breakfast.)

It's a boring Tuesday afternoon and I'm counting down to the weekend. And counting down to the dinner tonight.

Yes, these are what go on in my head after I have officially joined the workforce.

My job is not what I set out to do when I chose my degree. I want to be doing computer graphics and special effects. Something creative and fun. And my plan B was actually something that involved extensive travelling, fulfilling my globetrotting ambitions while working at the same time.

And guess what, I'm stuck in an office doing what looks like data entry work. And the only travelling I do during work, is actually the walk to lunch or the pantry. I guess life pretty much didn't turn out the way I want it to be. I'm staying in my current job for the money and experience. Beats having NOTHING to put in my resume.

I have finally sold out.

When life is so mundane and work is so unmotivating, mind-numbing and lacks challenge, your mind tends to drift to urm, more "after-work" events. Like the date you are going to, or whether you can sneak off work to catch the latest movie in the theatres (Never done that. Yet.) or just really really small things like, "The food at Biopolis is expensive and horrible. Discuss."

Yes, just one month in a job that totally does not inspire you can do the abovementioned things to you.

Not to mention the incredible amount of debt I'm in because I have the "Surely I can afford this because I will get my paycheck at the end of the month" syndrome.

I am bored, uninspired and super duper uber broke.

God help us.

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