Saturday, June 17, 2006

Signs to show that I truly love someone.

Signs to show that I really love someone.

1. I actually think his belly is cute.
2. Five o'clock shadow complete with that bristles feel when you run your hand on his face doesn't bother me.
3. I don't mind him wearing berms and t-shirt EVERY TIME we go out.

I don't know. Some people like guys with abs. Or a handsome chiselled face. Or dresses sharp (at least smart casual). I think most normal girls long to go out with guys who fulfil at least 2 of the abovementioned qualities. From previous track records, I was one of them I believe.

I don't really know what has happened to me. Have my standards dropped, or have I just grown out of the phase, or have I become less superficial than before?

I hope it's because I've grown up and become less superficial.

To say that standards have dropped, that would just imply that the guy in question is not good enough for me. I mean, who am I to benchmark a guy's good points against my character, or a list I made up? It is as if I think I am sooooo great that only guys who fulfil a certain criteria need apply.

Hell, I'm far from a saint. I drink till I pass out (some people think it's wrong. I think they just haven't discovered the goodness that is beer and vodka.), I curse, I will probably rack up an insane bill on your credit card if you let me, I can sometimes bear a grudge, and I am sure there is still some other offensive things that I do that I don't list here.

Well, that's besides the point I want to make.

In my eyes, J is cute and I love him heaps. That's all that matters, isn't it?

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