Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sometimes I'm just very nutty.

Sometimes, I just wonder when you are going to break my heart.

Maybe I've fallen hard for you, and this makes me feel insecure despite all assurances. You know me, I am usually a confident and well-adjusted person when it comes to other things. But when it comes to relationship, I just feel like I can never match up to some other girl out there who will probably take you away from me.

I don't want you to go.

I know everything is going peachy at the moment, despite the humongous distance cross the pesky continents. And you have told me countless times about how you feel about me. But somehow, I have a nagging feeling that one of these days, be it 5 minutes from now or 1 year later, you are going to tell me things are not working out.

Why is it that I feel so insecure? Then again, I could just be going one of my paranoid and pessimistic stages.

I hope that day never comes.

You know, I just want to live happily ever after. We will prove everyone wrong and be the happiest couple. The couple that everyone thinks, "They deserve all the happiness in the world after all they have been through. It's the greatest fairytale of all."

I think I'm a great big bundle of contradiction. I'm a cynic who wants to believe in a fairytale badly.

Sometimes I just don't know what to think of me.

p.s. I hope you never have to read my crazy thoughts.

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