Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day off, boozing, history, secrets, headaches and mojitos.

Today is my day off. Naturally, since it is Sunday.

Because you know, some companies are just so evil that they make you work on Saturdays and not pay you for it. And this is coming from a corporate world that is currently on a 5 day work week. Life sucks, tell me about it.

Today is also a day off for my liver. Alcohol has been coursing my veins everyday for the past week. With the exception of Wednesday because I was sick.

Monday - Mojito with dinner + beer afterwards
Tuesday - Sake with lunch
Wednesday - Tea.
Thursday - Beer with burgers. Yes I had 2 beef burgers. Note to self: Tapas bar on Emerald Hill has the JUICIEST burgers I've ever tasted.
Friday - Sake with dinner
Saturday - Boozing at Forbidden City.

-- Bars at Emerald Hill.

I love old shophouses like these at Emerald Hill. They are hidden behind tall modern shopping complexes, and it feels like a little bit of history has been tucked away and only I know about it. I like the feeling of me being in on the secret. I somehow feel special.

Not the "haha I know it and you don't" kind of smirky special. More like a joyful "Oh wow I didn't know that but now I do" kind of special.

Then again, being in on too many secrets that ONLY I know about, can be a bad thing too. Especially when it comes to things concerning me. Sad things at that too.

Anyhoo it is only 12.22pm, I'm nursing a headache that is probably from the drinking last night, and let's hope nothing goes on today.

But mojito... I feel like some now. =(

Update: 3.30pm

I'm nursing my cup of fresh mocha, rolling around in bed and reading a magazine. With Teddy by my side.

That is how Sunday should be. :)

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