Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Eating alone, cooking, egg disaster, Oishi Pizza, wasabi mayo and leftover pizzas.

Sometimes staying alone can bring you many headaches. Like what to get for dinner. I hate to eat alone in a restaurant because food somehow tastes better when you have company. And eating alone is so lonely. =(

After feeling especially lazy to walk to the next building for some chow on Sunday, I decided to cook a light lunch and stay indoors. Doing the whole "diet" thing I was supposed to be on. Keyword: Was.

Not to mention it was just too hot to walk anywhere and I'm pretty broke till my next payday. And the leftover twister fries I discovered in my microwave (left there since Friday) were soggy and tasted pretty off. I'm pretty sure that was the reason for my tummyaches.

Anyway I am not a bad cook. Faithful readers who have followed my crazy adventures (I admit the word "adventures" is a bit of a stretch. Details and choice of words, my friends. They matter not.) I made a mushroom omelette for lunch yesterday and by all means, it sounded pretty yummy for a light lunch.

-- The look of an ideal omelette

Apparently my second cooking attempt did not go so well. The first attempt went ok, but then again what could go wrong with cooking instant ramen?

The frigging omelette got stuck to the pan and I had to scraped it off with a spoon. At first scrape, I thought maybe I could turn this around. It could be scrambled eggs and the yellow semi-gooey semi-crepe-y mess could be saved. With the second scrape, I knew this was not to be. My omelette (let's still refer to it as omelette. I don't know how to describe a hybrid omelette/scrambled egg) was too dry and I was already in that "Fuck it. As long as it is edible, I don't give a crap if it's an omelette or scrambled eggs."

-- The look of an ideal scrambled eggs on toast.

And 2 mouthfuls of that hybrid egg dish later, I chucked the rest away and swore I would call for some takeaway/delivery.

To make my position clear and to defend my culinary expertise, it was the pan's fault. No self-respecting pan will let simple things like eggs stick to it. Embrace the Teflon, my dear pan. And yeah, I only have 1 pan. Complimentary of a family friend.

Anyway I decided to order pizza delivery. Not just any pizza, but Oishi Pizza. Japanese pizza with toppings like unagi and wasabi mayo. I ordered a Seafood with Wasabi Mayo pizza and a serve of croquette. Only to find out that it's a 1 for 1 deal.

-- Yummy croquette and 2 boxes of pizza.

Seafood and Wasabi Mayo is my favourite. Wasabi mayo may sound a little off-ish, but it's not overpowering and weird. There's a tinge of wasabi in it and it does not sting. Very yummy. Made me wish that the other 1 for 1 pizza was a Seafood Wasabi Mayo too. I can dream.

-- Seafood with Wasabi Mayo.

Teriyaki Beef pizza. Lost to the wasabi mayo one. Nothing special but not too shabby.

-- Teriyaki Beef pizza.

My side dish!

-- Very good croquette.

Check out the fried potato and egg goodness.... Yum!

Had 2 croquette and 4 slices of pizza. 16 - 4 = 12 slices of leftover pizza.
Breakfasts and dinners for the rest of the week. Till I finish the pizzas or they go bad. Whichever comes first.

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