Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No sappy stuff, silly gifts, fairy lights, romance, songs and questionable sanity.

I am not a sucker for sappy and lame stuff in general. No sickeningly sweet long songs that seem to go on and on about how they will be "together forever, always and forevermore and more and more and more..."

Or soft toys as gifts for ANY and EVERY possible occasion that requires a guy to get the girl something. Seriously, can anyone put any less thought into it?

Another stupid gift? Huge balloon that one is expected to parade around town, complete with embarassingly mushy and lame messages scrawled all over it. You are not a toddler, neither is she. So stop gifting balloons to people. It will deflate, and all he/she is left with is a pile of shiny plastic-y material that once was a balloon with lame silly messages on it.

-- Lame ass gifts for girls. Do not gift them. I repeat. Do not gift them.

No. I hate all that.

Well on second thought, it is possible to put EVEN less thought into getting a gift, and that's not getting one. The guy quite possibly does not have a girl in this case.

I don't like romance novels. It is trashy and lame. It is shallow and there is no story. Then again, it IS a romance novel. No brainy, mind boggling plot is necessary. I like stories/movies that make me go "Whoaaaaaaaa".

I do not like the whole Valentine's Day fanfare. I do not like queuing up hours JUST to get into a restaurant that serves mediocre food. I do not like receiving flowers just because it is Valentine's Day and society in general dictates so.

I do not like it at all.

But all these do not mean that I'm no romantic (at heart). I swoon (most would agree because I've swooooooned a lot lately), and I like "The Notebook". I like getting flowers and gifts just because. I like going to dinners and dates just because. I like going for strolls under the trees strewn with pretty fairy lights.

-- Pretty fairy lights.

Because it's just because.

I like hearing old people tell stories about their lives and their loved ones. Old grandpas and old grandmas spending their entire lives together. And they don't need Valentine's Day to tell each other they love each other. Nor do they need soft toys, flowers and huge silly balloons to say all that.

-- Picture of loving old couple I found on the internet. Watermark still visible.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, how do all these old grandpas and old grandmas make it to the end. Very amazing.

I told you I am a romantic at heart.

Anyway I digress. By a lot.

Initially I wanted to write about me not being a sad person by nature. I like happy things, yummy chocolates, joyous occasions, rainbows and most of all, unicorns.

But lately I seem to have gotten myself into this sad spiral. I should snap out of it, I know. But there is something about self-pity and self-inflicted depression (a possibility) that you cannot steer yourself away from.

That's not me I'm describing anyway.

I've taken a liking to sad sad songs. Songs about love mostly. And I "credit" this new state I'm in to Stars. I used to listen to Coldplay a lot. Coldplay's songs are mostly similar and sad. You can't really tell one song from the other after some time. Anyhoo I found out about the band late last year and I have downloa.. "sampled" every song by them from the internet.

-- Band of the moment.

They have this effect on me. I listen to their songs everyday and each song grows on me. I went through "Sleep Tonight" phase in May. My mind kept singing,
"You will cry, I will cry,
Cuz all the love, is alive tonight."

I went through the "One More Night" phase for 2 weeks. My mind continued singing. I am currently going through "Elevator Love Letter" phase at the moment. I think the local tv scene is getting to know Stars, because they are using my Elevator song for some local promo ads for some new shows they have. And I will burst out singing,
"My office glows all night long,
It's a nuclear show and the stars are gone.
Elevator, elevator, take me home."

Everytime I hear that verse on tv, I sing it out loud. Much to the amazement and amusement of J.

I sang when I was in my Coldplay phase too. "Sparks", "Yellow", "Fix You", "The Scientist" and all those sad sappy songs.

Why am I putting myself through all these? I mean, getting all teary-eyed over songs. That's so unbecoming of me! Note to all: I didn't actually get teary-eyed. I just feel sad. And all this fake sadness is sooooooooooo... unnecessary.

I am making myself all sad, mopey and depressed for no apparent reason. Is that stress, or is that the first sign of insanity? Or do I have some underlying repressed sad story that's making me this way? Do I have to start watching "Dr Phil" and follow his mumbo jumbo? Can someone get back to me on that?

-- Fake doctor or quack? You decide.

I just re-read my post and it does not make any sense AT ALL. Leaves me with a "Huh? What's in my water?" or "What is she smoking?" feeling. And look, I'm referring to myself as the second person. Or is it third? I can't be arsed to find out.

I don't where this post is going, so I'm going to stop before all you people out there think I've lost it.

And hey, I'm posting again!

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