Thursday, July 20, 2006

Star Wars, modern photography and bored at work.

You guys know I am a Star Wars fan. Yes, I'm a girl.

I don't do cosplay, because I am not that much of a fanatic and so far in the abyss known as Geekdom. Sure I have a lightsaber. The plastic red dual-blade wielded none other by Darth Maul. But that doesn't mean anything. I can have toys.

Coolest. Sith Lord. Ever.

Anyhoo, I'm risking my career, paycheck and giving the finger to The Man and probably all good-sounding advice by writing posts for my blog at work but it's too boring here and I'm about to melt into my seat I can't help it.

Check out these photos.

-- Imperial guards on rooftop.

-- Emperor and his Guards.

-- Stormtroopers! Have I ever mentioned I have an army of Lego Stormtroopers?

Amazing pictures. I wish I can take good shots like these. Ok I have to link them just in case I get into some shitloads of copyright bullcrap problems.

I got the pics here

And yeah, I am starting to get potty mouthed. Can't have that, especially when I lack the patience to censor myself before I speak. Even in the presence of my boss(es). This can do me in. Not good. Not good at all.

More posts coming to the neighbourhood near you!

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