Friday, July 07, 2006

Writing fast, crisis, chunky thighs, jelly belly, diet and breakfast be damned.

People I have to write this post first (the one on coworkers and hemlines will have to wait), and I have to write it fast, because it is 8.27am and I have to do this because the rest of the office starts trudging in at 8.30am.

Well, some start at 8.30am, some at 9.30am and some at other working hours not known to lowly employees like me.

Anyhoo, I think we have a crisis on our hands. Huge, major, earth-shakin' crisis.

I think I have put on weight.


My working pants feel tighter and snug. Well, I'm not at the "can't pull my pants up because my thighs are too chunky" or the "can't zip and button up my pants because my gut is hanging out" stage.

But goddamn, my pants are "hip hugging". And clothes that cling on to my frame are highlighting all the wrong places. Like my tummy/belly/jelly. Not in a flattering way.

Oh no oh no oh no oh no.

It could be due to my change in lifestyle. See, I belong to the camp which does not regard breakfast as the most important meal of the day. I mean, who the heck wants to wolf down eggs, toast, and all those good but honestly heavy stuff immediately after rolling out of bed? You stomach is still asleep, I know mine is, and it is in no condition to handle all that carbohydrates, protein and cholesterol.

I used to take breakfast as a kid. Not because I wanted to because it made me feel like throwing up for the entire morning. I was forcefed breakfast, eggs, toast and milk. Good stuff for growing children. Or so they say. But I got out of that horrible cycle of feeling nauseous as soon as I had the power to say no, and the ability to run faster than my parents.

Back to my original story.

Now that I have to work shifts, 7am - 3pm and 9.30am - 7pm, I find that I get bored by work. And I feel this urge to contantly chew on something. Therefore, I have reintroduced breakfast into my life.With morning tea breaks, the gang of us head to the cafeteria and order breakfast. Tea with toast. Not too heavy, but a hot mug of tea can take us anywhere from 15-30 minutes to finish. And you know me us, we would do ANYTHING to make the working hours shorter.

And then comes lunch at 12pm.

Nothing wrong with lunch, but we have carbo-rich food during lunch. Noting that we have just taken breakfast at 10.30am, and ALWAYS take another afternoon tea break at 4pm, and dinner is usually at around 7-8pm, I have actually increased my food intake by 3 to 3.5 meals a day.

Food + lack of exercise = the depressing weight gain. I'm not surprised. Remember, I'm not a fan of exercise. Why exercise when I can just sit back, munch on Doritos with cheddar dip and watch my favourite shows on tv?

I wish I was describing Homer J Simpson. Sigh.

Now I shall embark on a controlled diet from today. NO more toast for breakfast. Slices of bread smothered with butter and jam are BAD. No more finishing all the rice on the plate. More veggies. Less curry and potatoes. Simple sandwich for tea break if I REALLY need to eat. No more chicken pies. And dinner has to be light. No more quiche and all that buttery baked goodness.

I'll try this for a month. I should see some results.

If I don't, just be prepared to read all about my fat problems here.

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