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Ellison vs Allen, and "my yacht is bigger than your yacht".

How many billionaires does it take to lose the America's Cup?

Regatta de Blank
The joy of watching billionaires lose the America's Cup.

-- By Mark Lewis
Posted Thursday, Dec. 5, 2002, at 4:07 PM ET


Money isn't everything. You can't control the weather. Nor can you buy respect and backbone.

This year 4 out of the 9 contenders for America's Cup are funded privately by billionaires. And of course, Larry Ellison of Oracle has the biggest budget for his team at about US$95 million (!!!) and guess what, he is set to lose.

Well all the teams will lose and Team New Zealand will UNDOUBTEDLY be the runaway winner and smash all the other teams to pieces. So in other words, Team Ellison and his $95 million is just money to burn to see who reaches the finals to finally compete against Team New Zealand. And lose.

God forbids he loses to Paul Allen of Microsoft.

Like I have said, money can get you almost everything. But you can't control the weather, you can't buy backbone and you most certainly can't buy loyalty and talent. Especially those belonging to the ones with backbones.

Larry Ellison and Paul Allen are trying to outdo each other, in both business and sailing. Currently Ellison is winning because he has the 2nd biggest private megayacht in the whole fecking universe world. The world's BIGGEST private megayacht belongs to a royal member of UAE. Then again we are limiting ourselves to non-royalties and head of states so that we can compare a little more fairly. (Why does the word 'fairly' seem so out of place and ironic here?)

Presenting Larry Ellison's Rising Sun.

To me, it looks more like a cruise liner than a private yacht.

The decks look empty because Rising Sun has alternative storage where all the toys like tenders are kept away.

-- I wonder how the cranes work to put these babies in the water.

Check out the swimming platform.

-- Look how tiny grown men look on the swimming platform!

It is huge.

Not to mention the basketball court on the aft deck.

-- See the basketball hoop?

"Rising Sun" comes with its own swimming pool that can be converted to a helipad (A hot tub is just soooo common. You have one in your own bathroom.), a private cinema, a gymnasium and 82 ROOMS!

Why the feck would you need 82 rooms?!?

Rising Sun also boasts a staggering 86,000 square feet of living space, roughly the size of an average Wal-Mart.

Yay, you have your own Wal-Mart sized yacht in the middle of the sea... Well done anyway Team Ellison!

Paul Allen's Octopus is currently the 3rd largest megayacht in the universe, just after Ellison's Rising Sun.

-- Not looking sleek and svelte, with all its bells and whistles hanging out.

-- 3rd biggest private megayacht in the world, dwarfing all others in the marina.

It looks less like a cruise liner, and a little more bulbous than the conventional all-white megayachts from say, Feadship and Benetti in my opinion.

Octopus has not just 1 helipad but 2, when she parks her helicopters all year round. You know, to ease the busy air traffic that comes along with flying your best mates and celebrities you can buy over with money invite to make your stay a more "star-studded event".

-- - Spot the 2 choppers on the yacht!

Check out the choppers AND the tender being launched into the water.

-- I would love to get in that chopper.

Octopus comes fitted with her own recording studio, cinema, pool, remote-controlled undersea rover, garage for his amphibious vehicles, a crew of 60 including a few former NAVY SEALS (for those times when you need to feel safe in their giant arms) and a glass-bottomed lounge at the lowest deck so you can sit around, and see the fishies BELOW the yacht go on their merry way. Very cool.

The cinema and the pool are starting to seem like a standard feature among big-ass megayachts.

Oh he has a submarine onboard too. So for all you non-divers, you can see the world of deep sea fishies right outside the submarine window without even getting wet! Coolio!

-- Look how tiny people look when they stand next to the yacht!

Paul Allen has at least 2 other megayachts besides Octopus, and sources have it that he has commissioned another megayacht to OUT-TRUMP every other rich bastard owner to become THE UNIVERSE'S LARGEST MEGAYACHT.

In the race of "My Yacht Is Bigger Than Your Yacht", Paul Allen's yacht is more fun. I would say Octopus win. I don't really see myself playing basketball and THEN losing the ball over the side of the yacht while we're at sea.

I would be mighty pissed.

Check out these links to see more astonishing yachts.
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Link 3 - Forbes' article on most expensive yachts

The CEO Bought a Yacht?
Then it's time to sell.

-- By Daniel Gross
Updated Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2006, at 5:36 PM ET


Well all the time devoted to designing the BIGGEST yachts and sailing the best team to beat each other is bound to come at a price. Like, less than satisfactory results in the company.

They may not feel the pinch, but hey the rest of the shareholders do. And they don't have a megayacht to make them feel better.

Made me think a bit. Yeah... only a bit. It sure helps to be swimming in billions of moolah, and you know you can indulge in your hobbies without having to worry about your next paycheck. Then again, overindulgence just sits wrong with me. Then again, some people may be choking on whatever they are eating because I am someone who indulges in things. Well only when I can afford to and when I think it is worth indulging in.

Anyway my point is, I don't mind the occasional fancy schmancy holidays or shopping sprees but something is not right when you spend millions a year without having to work at all. Won't a person feel useless, somewhat like a freeloading scumbag who contributes NOTHING to the family/society/world?

Somehow that last bit on scumbag reminds me of K.Fed.

For all you peeps out there in the market for a giant megayacht, Ellison's Rising Sun is up for grabs for a mere paltry sum of US$200 million.

p.s. This post took 2 whole weeks of my life to complete!

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