Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fever, Pussycat Dolls, questionable gender, bad spelling, letter to God and my precious little angel.

I am more sick than the past few days put together.

This morning I was so feverish that I was drifting in and out of consciousness sleep. I was delirious and I seriously considered the thought of hospitalisation. I wanted to wake up but I just couldn't, and I could barely open my eyes without my head hurting. My teeth actually hurt because I was burning up. And they hurt BAD.

I thought to myself, "The end must be pretty near if it isn't already here."

I texted my colleagues and supervisor that I was too sick to attend the course, and I couldn't even stay awake to get their replies. I got out of bed at 11am, not because I could, but because I forced myself to. Needed to wash up to actually COOL down.

EVERYONE knows that I love my sleep.
Yes, without 8-10 hours of it I get cranky and homicidal. Smallest things piss me off. Especially when I am sick, nothing is more important than sleep. But this bitch of a cough is keeping me up at night. Not to mention the attack of the blocked nose. Now that I can't breathe properly, I was probably only asleep half the time despite spending about 8 hours in bed.

And it drives me up the wall.

Enough about my terrible illness. Let's just pray that I don't have to call for help in the middle of the night.

Anyway I am feeling more alive (I can move now!) compared to this morning, and I thought posting something in my blog may actually tire myself out that I sleep like a baby tonight.

I was surfing the web for a bit before I came across some random news about the Pussycat Dolls. I was wondering who they were until I was reminded that they were the skanks girls who sang "Don't Cha" and apparently some song named "Stickwitu".

Well I have only heard of "Don't Cha" and not "Stickwitu" and I pray to the heavens above that I will never have to.

"Dear Lord/Krishna/Buddhas/Gods/Higher Consciousness/Aliens (I'm giving Scientology equal standing with the rest),

I am not asking for much. I am not even going to bring up my globetrotting dreams or my grand plan of "sailing into the sunset" Disney style. I am just asking you to rid the world of bad music of questionable quality. Is that so hard?

To prove that you do exist, please do that. If you do, I will be convinced that you exist and actually listen to suggestions and desperate pleas. Even if you want me to take a number, fill up forms 1A and 7B-2, I will do just that.

p.s. Oh yeah, if you have spare time after ridding the world of horrible music, please look into my Grand Plan of Sailing Into The Sunset. I swear I'll be eternally grateful."

I just love making form numbers to emphasize on the red tape required EVERYWHERE. Even in the afterlife. I digress.

Stickwitu? STICKWITU!?!?!?! What the fuck is that supposed to be? I can't stand people who can't spell properly. Nothing against the dyslexics though, I'm just referring to people who misspell on purpose to be "cool". No it's not COOL, it is just plain retarded. Anyway, they were saying something that they are role models for girls throughout the globe to look up to and they are the new spokespersons for female empowerment blah blah blah.

Seriously, do you really want to be them? Do you want your girls to grow up to be like THEM?

They have hot bodies, I'll give them that. But apart that, they are just plain skanky. Not to mention that the more I look at the picture, the more I think they look like the "girls" at Bangla Road in Patong Beach.

And I'm pretty convinced that one of them is a tranny.

Links where you can peruse to further investigate her/their trannyness.
Link 1
Link 2

I won't say who I think are "girls" or transgender (I'm just guessing there are more than 1 amidst the group) but if who you think isn't who I AM THINKING OF, then we must agree that more of them are looking a certain way if you get what I mean.

You know, I have always wanted a girl (I have names in mind. It's a toss up between Victoria and Natalia.) SHOULD I adopt or you know, spawn pop out one of my own. But if the Pussycat Dolls have their way and indeed become the role models of girls worldwide and "empower" females around the world by flashing their boobs in public, I am seriously considering giving up children altogether and getting a cute puppy instead. God forbid my little girl (I'm naming her Natalia, I think.) becomes a mini Pussycat Doll.

The thought is so revolting I think I need to pop my pills, sleep it off and wake up realizing that it is all a horrible nightmare. My little girl (adopted or otherwise) is still the precious little angel running around in the backyard with a dandelion in her hand.

-- What a little girl should be like.

Ugh... I'm going to have a very very hot bath. And then go to bed. Nothing like a long soak in the tub can't get rid of.


Nuri said...


I don't wanna go another day,
So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind.
Seems like everybody's breaking up
Throwing their love away,
But I know I got a good thing right here
That's why I say (Hey)

Nobody gonna love me better
I must stick with you forever.
Nobody gonna take me higher
I must stick with you.
You know how to appreciate me
I must stick with you, my baby.
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I must stick with you.

I don't wanna go another day
So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind.
See the way we ride in our private lives,
Ain't nobody getting in between.
I want you to know that you're the only one for me (one for me)
And I say


And now
Ain't nothing else I can need (nothing else I can need)
And now
I'm singing 'cause you're so, so into me.
I got you,
We'll be making love endlessly.
I'm with you (baby, I'm with you)
Baby, you're with me (Baby, you're with me)

So don't you worry about
People hanging around,
They ain't bringing us down.
I know you and you know me
And that's all that counts.
So don't you worry about
People hanging around,
They ain't bringing us down.
I know you and you know me
And that's why I say

[Chorus x2]

Nuri said...

that girl does look like a transgender.

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