Thursday, August 31, 2006

The freakiest dream a single girl should not go through. Ever.

Had the weirdest dream last night. Ever.

I was an unwed mom with the cutest baby resting on my hip. By "cutest baby", I mean it in every sense of the world. The gurgling, can't-speak-a-word-except-for-mama-dada, rosy chubby cheeks, munching on his/her Barney teething toy, always laughing and happy kind of baby.

-- Yeah this kind of cute baby.

Holy bat crap.

I can't remember what happened in the dream but the overall feeling was that NO ONE was happy that I was a single mother. No one brings it up and everyone is "nice" to me in that uncomfortable way. (?!!) No one speaks of the kid's dad. Oh, I can even sense the awkwardness in the dream. But EVERYONE is super fond of my baby.


-- The Scream, Edvard Munch


I woke up feeling weird all over. I mean, is that my biological clock trying to send me a message subconsciously when I am ASLEEP? That sneaky bastard of a clock trying to use subliminal advertising on me. It is not everyday you go to bed and end up with dreams of being a single mom. I am not freaked out. I am not excited about the prospects of being a single mom. I am just... weirded out in that "did THAT just happen?!" way.

Yes, I have freaky dreams, I know.
And yes, I woke up shivering in cold sweat.

I don't need stress like this.
I'll just blame it on the baby post I have been working on.

1 comment:

Jiahong ^.^ said...

lol at the dream ... it's you'd body's way of telling you its time you settle down and have babies

* grinz *

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