Tuesday, August 29, 2006

L' Ultimo Bacio and Ricordati di Me.

The Last Kiss

L' Ultimo Bacio

Personally I would watch the Italian version before sinking my teeth into the Hollywood remake. Afterall, some things are always lost in translation. And remakes are NEVER as good as the original. The subleties, the mood and not to mention how the unsaid parts of the movie are often left out.

And here I will pimp one of my favourite tearjerkers of 2005 again.

Ricordati Di Me.

By the same Italian director. Poignant and makes everyone living the everyday life so... helpless in their own lives. I think I remember from somewhere that "Ricordati di me" is the sequel to "L' Ultimo Bacio".

We are always the things we do not like, just because society expects so.

Well watch all the 3 movies!

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