Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Losing sleep, edge of reason, 2 minutes, new pill and "lemony-zest" for life.

I haven't been sleeping well for the past.. well ever since J went off to the Med.

I had my 9 hours of sleep yesterday, but I feel as tired as ever today. Maybe it is Wednesday morning blues. Then again, this explanation will have to be stretched a little, since I'm suffering from "Any day ending with a 'Y'" blues. You get what I'm driving at?

I think my perpetual lethargy is due to the fact that I wake up several times during the night. If nursing mothers have it bad, then this is close to it. Except that there's no nursing and no wailing babies. Nothing wakes me up, I mean, the phone is not ringing, my MSN is not beeping etc. It is dead silence. But I get up panicking. Every single time.

I wake up thinking "Oh my god, did I miss J's call/text messages/emails!?" I will check my Outlook Express frantically, only to realise I do not have new emails. And even if I do, it is junk from job mailing lists. And when I get really lucky, I get a short email/text from J. That's about it.

Oh, have I mentioned that I have set my Outlook Express to check for new emails EVERY 2 minutes? I could have gone for the 1 minute but that is just pure insanity, isn't it? And the reason why 2 minutes is more acceptable than 1 minute still eludes me.

Yes, I don't know what I'm doing anymore. And yes to answer all your burning questions, I'm crazy.

-- That's me!

I think I will shut down my computer, lights, tv, PS2 and anything that runs on electricity (except my air-conditioning. Can't live without it.) so I can sleep in peace.

-- Or I should just pop one of these.

I will try it tonight and see if I regain bits of my sanity, energy and lemony-zest for life.

-- My lemony-zest for life is not looking so fresh at the moment.

p.s. I seriously don't know where "lemony-zest for life" came from. I believe I just coined a new term. I stake claim to it. It's MINE.

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