Thursday, August 17, 2006

Marc Jacobs shoes galore.

I am going to profess my lurve for Marc Jacobs. Again.

When I was in LA in late January this year, I saw a pair of boat shoes. It was the cutest pair of boat shoes I have ever laid my eyes on.

-- THE shoes I want most for 2006.

The soft and silky olive colored satin, the luxurious creamy brown leather trim and the cushy sole make this shoe THE pair of shoes I want most for 2006.

I want that shoe.

Now it even comes in black! I saw the 2 glorious pairs of shoes at Paragon in Singapore. It is about $420. *Sob*

-- Cute but the one in olive is better.

First> Second Third paycheck: Marc Jacobs boat shoes. My iPod with screen can wait.

And have you seen a pair of schoolgirl flats as cute as this?!

If I can find it in Singapore, I would go hungry and live on instant noodles for the month and get this as well as my olive shoes.

Found another pair of flats. It's not bad, but I would choose my olive colored pair over this ANY OTHER DAY.

White with black trim. It's cute. But it's not really me, is it? So ladylike, pretty and dainty. It's not me.

Heels heels heels.

Comes in electric blue. Reminds me of the Paul & Joe one.

And black.

And for all the retro hippies out there, check this out.

It's yellow. It has cute bright plastic flowers on it. It's kitschy. It is so 60s, your mom would swoon or bring her own pair out of storage just to wear it WITH you.

I can't wait to get my salary! Evil plans ahead!

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