Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Something I wrote last Monday but forgot to post. Nothing exciting or spectacular, and not even juicy snippets of my life. Just trying to prove that I can in fact sew if the situation calls for it.


For the people who stay alone and have no one to help them mend holes, sew buttons and/or alter pants independent people the world over, I have joined your clan.

Bought a pair of trousers at Zara about last week because the only black pair I had was at the cleaner's and it wasn't going to come back for at least 2 weeks. Long story.

I was in utter desperation because the frigging pair of trousers were just too long and now that I am not staying at home or even going home as frequently as I want to, there is no one who can help me with this. And no, I'm not going to pay for this.

So in the end, on a dateless Saturday evening I decided to just sod it and alter it myself.*

It was just far too long and to fold the extra cloth up would make the hem way too chunky. So the only way was to cut it.

Now I am a weirdo in my own right. The big earth shatterting stuff does not really bother me much. I stay level-headed and I get it done. BUT I get nervous when it comes to little things like cutting my trousers so that both legs are of even and equal length. Or giving a speech in front of a crowd.


It turned out fairly even, even though the right leg is slightly longer than the left. By maybe 0.2cm or something. I just couldn't be arsed to trim it further. Actually I was just afraid that the more I trim it, the more I will cut from my trousers and by the time I'm done with it, I would have been left with a pair of short shorts.

Like Bart Simpson's short shorts.

The result.

It doesn't look half bad! I am proud of myself, my first AND successful attempt at altering the hem of my trousers!


And of course after all the yays and woohoos, there will be some cleaning to do.

-- The frayed bits drove me mad!

* = Technically, I'm dateless. C'mon, webcamming with J for the entire evening does not equal being out on a hot date and enjoying a stroll under the tree with pretty fairy lights. In some very weird way, it feels like he is in the other room, showing his PS2 some love. In fact, showing it a lot of love because he was at it for HOURS.

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