Friday, August 11, 2006

Quiet afternoon at work and people with half a brain.

I am at work, and since it is a relatively quiet afternoon, I find myself getting sleepy. I just have to wake myself up by browsing silly websites and reading silly news caused by silly people around the world.

Seriously, I wonder if the guys in the following story were born without half a brain.

Pssst! The one with the cash is over there!
ATM robbers use two vehicles to yank out check machine instead of ATM

-- Associated Press, Updated: 8:51 p.m. ET Aug. 9, 2006

A word of reminder to all who are planning on tearing an ATM machine from the wall JUST BECAUSE you want to rob it. Check out the exact LOCATION and find out WHICH machine you want to rip from the wall. Blame it on modern technology that we get different types of self-service machines at the bank. But it's your own fault when you commit such a ludicruous mistake. It is not EVEN a mistake newbies make. Nitwits.

Moving on, here over on another continent, we have a nation who cannot tell the difference between an emergency or something boring happening.

Suffered a stupidity attack? Call 911!
Police dispatchers dumbfounded over idiotic ‘emergency’ calls

-- Associated Press, Updated: 5:08 p.m. ET Aug. 8, 2006


"People have called because they went through the drive-through and their order was wrong,"
Minogue had dispatched sheriff's deputies to the Highway 1 location before realizing the call was a sham. The caller went on to describe a vampire with fangs reaching down from the top of the car.

You are left wondering, are those people high, have really low IQ or just so bored that they are messing with the 911 operators. And she was dumb enough to dispatch deputies to a call on VAMPIRE ATTACK.

*slaps forehead in grave despair*

And who knew the precise-as-atomic-clock and infallible Swiss could screw up too?

Swiss bank takes ‘deposit and forget’ to extreme
Bank gives woman, 85, flowers after locking her in vault for hours

-- Associated Press, Updated: 8:58 p.m. ET Aug. 9, 2006

I would expect much more than a bouquet when I get locked in the vault for hours in the cold, without food and water. Maybe a few mil, in euros no less, in cool hard cash to placate the mental anguish I suffered for those few hours that I thought I was dying because I was so convinced I was running out of air.

And since I tend to get panicky, I bet I'll develop a fatal case of claustrophobia in the vault. I'll bang on the walls with my bare hands and even with my head because the lack of oxygen is probably making me think that my skull IS HARDER than blocks of steel.

Anything can happen.

Yes, I'm bored at work. IM me. Anyone.

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