Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Relationships, selfish and greedy, giant bombshell, family planning and Marriagetopia.

Relationships - Of status quo, moving forward and moving backward.

Some couples love their current situations so much that they choose not to move forward. Or a step backward, depending on how you see it. Is this what people call a stagnant relationship? Or is this actually good for a relationship?

Stuck in the same phase. If they are dating, a step forward would probably be moving in together or getting hitched (big step forward). A step backward will probably be just the 2 person hanging out in a more casual manner and no one expects anything more than what they are getting.

See, by moving forward in a relationship there is a lot at stake. The best case scenario is that the 2 person live happily ever after, gazing into each other's eyes while white doves flutter around them without crapping. That is the Disney happily ever after we are talking about.

At worst, you could end up divorce with half your money gone to the other person. Just because of differences (like how he just could not put his stinky clothes IN the laundry basket) you once thought you were able to overcome WITH TIME. Trust me, if his mom can't get him to do it right for a period no less than 20 years, you have no chance in hell.

Then again, we are all selfish and greedy creatures. In any situation, we will always want MORE out of it. Same goes for relationships. We may be happy, but we will definitely want more out of it.

Am I still making sense?

Anyway the reason why I am entertaining such thoughts is because since late March/early April (and it is only 8 August today), 7 friends have told me that they are getting married.

Giant bombshell. Hiroshima proportions. Total devastation.

And one of them had just signed on the dotted line on THAT piece of paper about 2 weeks ago. Holy bat crap!

Fark fark fark. I am still at the infancy of a relationship while 7 other couples are ready for infants themselves. I am not in any rush, but like I have said before, they are in another phase of their lives.

And the reality is that they have left Earth and gone to Marriagetopia, and all they can talk about now is what ring/wedding band they should get, the dress, the reception, the honeymoon, flowers, bouquets, color palette for the wedding, buying property together and family planning.


Well I have family planning plans too. I plan NOT to start a family. Finito.

I don't know to relate to the Marriagetopians* anymore. They give me that "Aww you are not getting married yet, you poor thing" feel and that just blows.

* All the newly engaged, newlyweds and potentially newly-engaged friends of mine shall be referred to as Marriagetopians.

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Frapp said...

When that scene came on Bridget Jones' Diary, every married couple instantly denied that they did it. But they do...

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