Friday, August 11, 2006

Windows Live Messenger is just foul and buggy.

Windows Live Messenger is the foulest pile of turd that EVER came from the Microsoft people.

Do not download it. If you have, do not install it and live to regret it like I have.

It messes up your contact list. I'm quick to jump to conclusions but I'm pretty sure it does. Especially those that you really want to talk to. In my case, J's contact is royally screwed.

He's on my list, I'm not on his even though he didn't delete me.* He can't add me back to his list because he "lacks the authority to add user".

Now what kind of horror have you unleashed on us, you sick Microsoft gigantuan gob human waste.

I just want my MSN Messenger 7.5 back.

* That's what I want to think happened. I hope he didn't delete me or I will be in another one of my depression spirals. Again.

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