Saturday, August 19, 2006

Working Saturday, lightning strikes, plane cockup, why intelligent design is taught and humans are too egoistic for their own good.

It is a Saturday and I have been cooped up at my office since 8.30am. And guess what, I don't finish till at least 6pm. You know why I added "at least" to my last sentence? Because what was agreed on may or may not come true. So in the harsh reality that I live in, I may have to work beyond 6pm on a Saturday.

Woe is me!

I'm trying to entertain myself by reading all the quirky news I can find. I even brought along my fashion magazine to work. I am THAT bored.

Have you ever seen lightning strike anything?

I mean, wow.

Or a plane losing its tail WHILE landing?

I wish I were making things up.

I came across this article 16 Common Myths About Atheists, when I was reading Clicked. It got me thinking.

I think I'm an atheist, or agnostic at the very least. (Yeah I cannot decide if there is or isn't a god. I'm a fencesitter on this issue.) I am not religious, and I seriously do not believe in praying at certain times of the day/month/year to some Being that we know nothing of. Or what purpose it serves to pray according to the "rules". What, does that mean we only get our prayers listened to at certain designated times?

I believe that there is Someone out there. Could be aliens, God, Gods (I think they gather around a huge meeting table like a Board of Directors for Creation) or just something that is beyond our comprehension. I just do not believe that we have to follow archaic books, words set in stone or just plain mumbo jumbo JUST SO that we can be better people.

I believe that God is just man's creation. Even the word is coined by man. The entire description, how god is SUPPOSED to look like, and even the MEANING of the word are made up by men. We put a name and face to it, put our likeness to it and over the course of thousands of years, we come to expect NOTHING less than what we have come to perceive as the divine.

Are you kidding me?

Or how some people blindly follow the masses BECAUSE they want to be guaranteed a place in Heaven in their afterlife and all their wrongdoings will be forgiven on their deathbeds. Or how they try to "spread" their faiths so that more people can join then in Heaven and go picnic on the soft cottony clouds, donned in pretty white clothing while God lovingly beams at them.

Seriously, are we NOT a little too egoistic to think that a God/Higher Being will pardon us if we just apologise and seek forgiveness? Even if it is murder or plunder?

Somehow all that just feel wrong for me.

Anyhoo, enough about religion and MY beliefs. And this poll just further strengthens the reason why some country teaches "Intelligent Design" in the classroom.


Reference is, Jon D. Miller, Eugenie C. Scott, and Shinji Okamoto (2006) "Public Acceptance of Evolution" Science Aug 11 2006: 765-766.

We have the answer. United States polled 2nd last.

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