Saturday, September 30, 2006

I made it alive, burning building, sworn to secrecy, quality content and privacy.

Holy bat crap! It has been a week 6 days since I've posted anything. I won't do that "my humble apologies for I have forsaken you, my dear loyal readers. My dear 10 loyal readers."

No I won't do that. I have been so bogged down by work and I am LUCKY to be able to get out of that black hole that is my office. The servers were acting all cranky, I'm always getting the "logicalHostname not found" (or was it offline?) error message whenever I check on the damn servers. So fuck it all. I don't give a crap if the office burns down anymore. Oops. Let me put up a disclaimer first before I get put under the umbrella of suspicion.

"Should the office DO catch fire one day, spontaneous combustion or Act of God or whatever, I am NOT responsible for it despite cursing every other second that it would go up in flames and crumble into a heap of dust. No I did NOT do it."

-- I didn't do it.

Anyway thank god, or by the grace of Ganesh if you will, I made it alive till the end of this week.

Right. Moving on to happier things!

Due to urm, the supposed secrecy I have sworn myself to, I cannot divulge my plans for my Birthday Bash 2006. There will be no party (I'm sorry guys) as I have previously hinted on. There will of course be presents, from me to me. And preferably from you to me.

Yes I am being really really presumptuous about this but hey, I can hope can't I? Plus, when was the last time anyone one of you (who knows me personally) got me anything for my birthday? If your answer is not 2005 or 2006, you have broken my heart and hurt my feelings. Therefore you are obliged to make it up to me and extend that olive branch of peace if you want to salvage whatever that is left of our torn and tattered once-beautiful friendship.

There, I said it.


Back to my non-existent Birthday Bash 2006. That is not to say that NOTHING will happen. Well I am keeping my fingers crossed because if everything falls through, I'm back to my original plan of Birthday Bash 2006 and frantically sending out invites 2 days before the party. And if I find out that only 3 of you can make it, while the rest have decided to save on the last few dollars, not get me a pressie and fuck our friendship to hell, I'll be hurt. Very hurt.

-- I'll out-pout her.

ANYWAY. This whole post was supposed to be about me bitching about work (checked.), me gushing about Birthday Bash 2006 (checked.), me trying to hint on very exciting things to come (X) and how my life sucks beyond words any language known to man ANYTHING.

And look how far I have digressed.

I promised a friend that I will post insightful stuff on..stuff this weekend simply because no one really wants to know about my love for shopping anymore. (According to him.) I will, I swear on my own grave I will write something a little deeper than my obsession with shoes. But just indulge me with my shopping, alright? That is all I have left, in my shallow shallow life.

I have a habit of not naming my friends when I write in this blog, with the exception of Wenwei WW. Not that I do not want to acknowledge them, but simply because I am not sure how they feel towards this.

My friends who read this site, will inevitably interrupt me with this phrase "Oh yeah I read your blog" WHENEVER I tell them about my life in person. It is odd because I do not expect them to remember the content of this blog. It's like the thrashy magazine you read on your way home. You don't actually remember to heart who Lindsay Lohan bonked this weekend, do you?

-- La Lohan with recent ex, Morton.

The same goes for my friends. The ones I do not name by name. Hey, do you want people to go up to you and say, "Oh yeah, I didn't know you had a thing for strawberry milkshakes with butter.. Until I read That's just gross, man. Uncool."

Yeah. So until you guys totally do not mind random friends telling you random facts about you, or discussing the conversation you had with ME, I won't put down your names. Just let me know.

I'm THAT considerate. So where's my greatest birthday gift (from you to me) 2006?!

p.s. Don't give me that "I don't know what you like" crap because this blog has PLENTY of posts on what I like. Or I can put up a birthday gift wishlist, or birthday registries I'm on. Not joking, my amigos.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Night shift, mellonphobia, mental preparation, support and fears playing out in my head.

I am losing my mind, if I am not wrong.

(Nah.. that's just my crazy talk.)

I pulled my first ever night shift from 1am yesterday and frankly speaking, I crashed the moment I got home. I don't think I am cut out for this kinda weird shifts. I just milled around the apartment today because I am simply not in the frame of mind to go out. Plus I look far too tired and I don't want to scare the public with my "dead zombie" look.

-- Corpse Bride.


Anyway I spent sometime and Googled the Greek word for "future" because I want to add something to my list of phobias/ problems.


I have an irrational fear about the future.

(No... it's not a phobia of melons.)

(I actually Googled for a list of phobias that is available out there. Whoa.... Apparently I am not the only paranoid nutcase out there. In fact, I pale in comparison to all these people. )


Abuse: sexual- Contreltophobia. (Urm.. no one wants to be sexually abused so I'll give you that.)
Accidents- Dystychiphobia. (Same as above. No one wants to get into accidents.)
Air- Anemophobia. (So... you mean you stop breathing because you fear air..?)
Air swallowing- Aerophobia. (Same as above)
Airborne noxious substances- Aerophobia. (Huh...!??!?!)
Airsickness- Aeronausiphobia. (Ok, so you fear the pukish feeling?)
Alcohol- Methyphobia or Potophobia. (Guess there's no chance of being an alcoholic.)
Alone, being- Autophobia or Monophobia. (Is that me?)
Alone, being or solitude- Isolophobia. (Is that still me?)
Amnesia- Amnesiphobia. (Fear of amnesia.. so if you have amnesia, does that mean you forget your fear of it?)

And that's just letter A!

People have PROBLEMS, I tell ya. PROBLEMS.

I thought I was the one going bonkers here. I have plenty of demons creeping under my bed in the dark. And they freak me out. Anyway I think I have trust issues and confidence issues. I am very insecure about everything. So for the sole reason of self preservation, I give plenty of thought in the things around me and the things I do.

For everything I do, I will think of the worst possible cases that will happen so I can be mentally prepared. So that when I am confronted about these cases, or when they do happen, I will not be taken by surprise and get all troubled, depressed and suicidal.

I do this for everything. If I were to say something, or do something, I would have thought of all the worst endings (that comes to my mind). The same thing goes for my job, plans and even relationships.

I have heard so many comments and remarks about my choice of boyfriend. Because of the nature of his job, and the stereotype that comes along with his job, people just assume things and say hurtful things. I have people who cast doubt on our relationship. I have heard far too many unnecessary snide remarks and frankly speaking, I do not need all these.

So do not assume that I am blind and have jumped headlong into things without much consideration.

I am someone who cannot be alone for far too long. And I am struggling to cope with getting an email every other day. Not to mention all my fears playing out like a movie in my head.

I have my fears. Everyday I think about things that will go wrong. Everyday I think about all the missed opportunities. Everyday I think about all my wrong choices. Everyday I think about all the happy endings that will never happen to me.

But I do not regret any of the things I have done.

I honestly fear the future. I am someone who consider a lot of things, so naturally knowing about things make me feel reassured. All the uncertainties in my life are frankly pushing me to the edge. I do not think my sanity is at edge but all I want is just encouragement and support of my friends and family.

Is that just too much to ask?

p.s. Will my neurosis and paranoia drive J away? That's another story for another day.

Windows Live Local, Google Earth and the restless globetrotter who's stuck at home.

I discovered the wonder that is Windows Live Local Map!!

Especially when I can map out the places where J have been! Whoop-dee-doo!!

Well I will always have my Google Earth but hey, this is fun. Then again, because I can't put pushpins and show the places he's been on the same PAGE using Google Earth, I'm a little miffed.

(Maybe I just haven't been able to figure out how to use Google Earth properly. I can't be bothered because it should be OBVIOUS.)

(Ok.. I'm just lazy and defensive.)

-- Check out the map!

I'm insanely jealous of such travels. =(

Spring/ Summer 2007 - Marc By Marc Jacobs.

Ok, maybe my love for Marc Jacobs has not been diminished. All is not lost!

I love his Marc By Marc Jacobs range.

It is a little whimsical, but totally wearable without coming across as the Cat Lady. Like this outfit. It is nothing spectacular in that "take your breath away" way. But it is pretty.

-- Love the wedges by the way!

The whole outfit makes me want to go yachting. The Captain of the sea! Ahoy matey!

Now this outfit makes me feel like I'm working on a boat as a deckhand, with a mop in hand. I'm a pirate in expensive garb!

I like all the individual pieces. The polka dots in a refreshing blue tone dress is cool because there is just too much black/white and red/white polka dot clothes out there. Don't get me wrong. I love them all the same (I'm in that phase at the moment) but it would be great to stand out from the rest.

(And given my character, I want to stand out in a good "that looks nice on her" way, not in that "hey come look at me" way. I want to be different but I hate to be different. Not sure if anyone gets it. I'm a great ball of contradiction.)

I like the champagne colored slip dress too, with that belt. Yum.

Moving on to great colors! I love that mustard yellow color in the photos. It is something different, not boring and safe like chocolatey brown or (sometimes horrendous) khaki.

Mustard yellow works both ways. You can look preppy and all appropriate for work without blending into the background together with the wallpaper. And when paired with simple tank top, instantly casual.

-- Those fabulous blue wedges again! I have to sit down now.

(I think I need to have skinnier legs.)


On to jackets!

Now since I am currently holed up in a tropical country, I have absolutely zero need for a jacket. That sucks because I love jackets/blazers. I love the blue coat because of the 2 pockets and the way the 3/4 sleeves make it look oh so cute in that Madeline convent girl way. Very cute.

-- What I like most about the 2 coats? The collar and the cut.

But since I would most likely melt in tropical heat if I wear that coat, I have to settle for the next best thing. The Blazer.

Enough about more serious clothes. I think the dress (??) in the first photo is cute but I am overaged to wear that. It is best left for girls between the ages of 16 - 22. =...(

Maybe the second one works on me?! Guess not.

-- I still love the clothes despite being seriously overaged for them.

I think I'm going to take a break. I'm far too excited about all these new clothes and colors, plus payday is coming soon and both these do not bode well for my bank account.

Non-fashion related posts will resume very soon!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I live in Gotham City.

On most days, I feel like I'm staying in Gotham City when I look out my window.

Presenting Wayne Tower.

Am I wrong or what? Psycho Phil, you are the Batman fanatic here. What say you?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Megayacht traffic jam.

Well, here is something you don't see everyday.

-- Quite a cool picture actually.

There was actually a traffic jam for all those swanky megayachts going into port for the Grand Prix in Monaco.

My fake baby, maternal instincts, wailing children and Things That Should Not Be In The Office.

There's a baby in the office.

Some colleague who has recently had a GRANDCHILD (just overheard it is a baby girl), brought the tiny infant to the office. And EVERYONE above 30 were all gathering around the little bundle, taking turns to carry the baby around the office, cooing and gushing and giggling the entire morning.

Why do I NOT have this warm fuzzy feeling towards babies?

(Except towards my fake baby in this post. I AM actually excited about this little tyke.)

-- My fake baby!!

Well, at least not towards this baby because I simply did not have the urge (lack of maternal instincts??) to have a look at the child. Poor kid, frightened by strangers and loud noises (i.e. their laughter and baby talk), began wailing.

I was almost freaking out. Despite the kid being quite a few cubicles away from me.

Note: I am adding this baby thing to my "Things That Should Not Be In The Office" list.

Things That Should Not Be In The Office
1. Food with strong smells. (e.g. Indian curries, durians etc.)
2. Irritating people
3. Pets
4. Imbeciles
5. Alcohol (unless well-concealed)
6. Babies <-- Brand new entry!

Update [12:24pm]: The hiccuping baby is actually starting to feel cute.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lingerie shopping at work because your guy pal wants your "honest opinion".

Lingerie shopping at work is wrong.

Lingerie shopping with your guy pal because he wants your "honest opinion" is so so wrong.


(And I haven't even done this with my guy! Mumble mumble...)

Yes, I just did lingerie shopping online because a guy pal wants to get his girlfriend something. I think it is a present for HIM rather than HER.

Yes, I probably wasn't thinking when I agreed to help.

It is odd (not to mention uncomfortable) when you are helping to pick out something intimate for someone else's girlfriend. ("As a member of the opposite sex, would you pick this?" Need... to.... scrub... memory...)

-- This brush is too small and gentle to do the job.

I have never met her, and I don't know her personally so everything could potentially go very wrong.

I am still uncomfortable about this, and still squirming in my seat.

Crisis at work, lodging report, backstabbing prevention and pet peeves.

Major crisis at work yesterday.

The office was in a mad frenzy and I have never seen some people THAT hardworking the entire time I have worked here. Semi-Overlord was summoned back and after 3 hours, he went home due to "personal reasons", and he promised he would be back at 2.30pm.

Which of course he didn't.

I was left with the ultra unenviable task of writing and lodging the incident report, which is going to be read by the higher-ups. You should hear all the "Aww you poor thing" remarks when they all found out I had to write the report.

I know I am gifted in the Department of Bullshitting. After all, I DID crap churn out finish writing that b*tch of a thesis (in a few days no less) and graduated from uni, didn't I? But a report with such gravity? Urm, I'm a little concerned frankly.

I am hoping that I won't be called into the meeting with the higher-ups. I don't want to use the wrong words and worsen the situation. Then again, if I do not appear during the meeting, god knows who will (is??) stab me in the back. And I'll die without even knowing it.

Tactics, people. Tactics.

Which is why I feel stressed out the entire time I'm working. You never know when you'll be blamed for something you didn't do. You'll end up a scapegoat for your immediate supervisors and all shite will fall on you. I didn't believe this childish shoving of responsibilities actually existed.

Until I started working.

So right now, a day after the storm. It's peaceful alright, evident from my writing because without this free time at work, I won't be able to pen down my thoughts and disillusions with life and work.

Hopefully it remains as peaceful as it is now.

Update: I just fecking hate it when there is an OUTAGE when I want to post something. DAMN IT!!

Update 2: I hate it even more when Blogger loses half of my post while I'm saving it as draft.

Update 3: I hate it most when I have a post all ready to be shown to the world, and my fecking router dies and I have no wireless till god knows when. Damn it all to hell!

Update 4: And despite this post being date 19/09/2006, it was INDEED posted on 20/09/2006 due to aforementioned wireless outage.

Spring/Summer 2007 - Marc Jacobs

Everyone knows that my love for Marc Jacobs runs deep.

But when I had a look at MJ's collection, I was a bit shocked distracted. Love, you are spearheading that '40s flapper style. With a twist. I get it.

However I don't fancy dressing in glittery Christmas wrapping, nor one of Aladdin's pouffy pants.

I do like the layer-y skirt. Looks like shaved white chocolate flakes on a cake.

But the model does look a little deranged, doesn't she? On 2nd look, she could be the bag lady with the 50 cats.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Job dissatisfaction, prostituting my sanity, big spoilt kid and huge gaping void.

Psycho Phil said to me, "So, you don't like your job?"

Seizing the opportunity, I went on to whine about my work and it got to a point whereby I told him I needed the money, which is why I'm still hanging on to this unenviable job.

Immediately, it hit me. I am prostituting myself.

Not in that red-light district way, but you know, I am still trudging along in my department, peppered (proudly) with endless grumbles and frowns, despite hating every single bit of it. All for the sake of money. How is that different from the women selling themselves? They are selling their bodies for money, I'm selling my sanity and patience.

I am such a sellout.

(I think I am quite the hippy since I regard joining the corporate world equates to selling out.)

We slog in jobs we detest with every single bone/fibre of our bodies/souls. And with the money we exchanged, we drink ourselves numb, pay for big houses/flashy cars we don't need, and indulge ourselves with the best things money can buy. What is the point?

Man is just a big spoilt kid with short attention span. When we do not have something, we would give anything to get it. But once we own it, the novelty wears off almost immediately. And we begin another quest for something else, and this cycle never ends. Which is why consumerism prospers. We are just born with the need to own things. Whether if it is to fill up the huge gaping void in our lives, I do not know. It is innate.

(Really, I'm starting to get Zen because I'm starting to NOT see the point in getting all these material goods and satisfying all my superficial and material wants.)

I'm 100% sure that I am not the only one selling my soul and sanity for the sake of seeing bigger numbers in my bank account. Unless you are doing the job you love most, your colleagues are angels sent from above, the challenge at work does not crush your spirit but instead drives you further, plus you derive such satisfaction from work AND your relationships with your family and friends have never been dented.

It's a long list of requirements but that just barely covers the basic joy in life.

Are we all prostituting ourselves?

(I hope more readers get here because of my other interesting posts, like my sailing ones, fancy schmancy yachts, shopping etc. and not because of the search keywords "prostitution", "satisfaction", "selling bodies for money", "relationships" in ANY kinds of permutation and/or combination.)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spring / Summer 2007 - Diane Von Furstenburg

(Looking at pretty things and shopping cheer me up. Plus New York is abuzz with Spring/Summer 2007 shows. So do expect lots of fashion-related posts!)

Diane Von Furstenburg

DVF is famous for her wrapdresses. I can't wear wrapdresses. I can't get it in the right cut, the right length, the right color, the right print etc.

In simpler terms, shopping for clothes with the perfect fit is a little like looking for the Holy Grail. You know it is somewhere out there, at least you THINK it is, and you may never find it.

I kind of like the off shoulder look. It screams casual, like you just rolled out of bed, slipped on the oversized tshirt that got damaged in the wash and strolled out the door without giving a crap. Very cool.

Not really like it as a one piece, as shown on the right though. Looks a little too druggie to me. Not nonchalant cool anymore, but more like wearing your obese brother's XXXXXXXXXXXL t-shirt, pretending it's a dress. Plus, the model is sulking.

(Yes I have mental images of clothes.)

Now, ready-to-wear!

I like this.

I think I can pull that off.

The prettiest yellow dress I've seen thus far.

But why is she sulking? It's a pretty dress she's wearing, she's a model (I would give anything to lose that stubborn 2-3kg) and she's getting paid for walking.

Workload tripled, valuable sleep and content for blog.

You know, I have so many things to write about. I have stuff on fashion, society (very heavy stuff), Hollyweird and the like.

But guess what? The Semi-Overlord was "too busy" to handle the stuff in the department, and he has put me on regular shift for a full month till his Dimmest-Bulb-In-The-Room Protege returns from his pilgrimage back to India. Starting from today.

I am royally pissed.

You see, with Slowest-Snail-In-The-World Protege gone for a month, I am already doing 2 persons' share of work. And now that Semi-Overload was "too busy" (sneaking off and smoking every 30min) to handle the department's work, I have to do 3 persons' share of work now.

If my workload tripled, why hasn't my paycheck tripled as well?

Bloody slave drivers.

Now, I have no time to write about interesting stuff because the moment I step into my apartment, I just want to sleep and hopefully not be disturbed by calls/nightmares/MSN/strange noises.

Blame Semi-Overlord.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Snow Patrol, the way we said goodbye and being gloomy.

This reminds me of the time we said our goodbyes at the airport.

I'll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done

And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear

Louder, louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say

To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do

-- Excerpts from Snow Patrol - Run

I will probably write about shopping next to cheer things up around here. It's getting a little too angsty and gloomy around here. =/

(I am so uninspired. I have no idea what to write. Hopefully I get some ideas by lunch break because it's seriously boring in the office.)

Ideas, anyone?

Monday, September 11, 2006

No right to put people down, uptight (??) and just fuck off.

I hate being made like a fool. I hate the way that some people take it upon themselves, as their unchallenged RIGHT to ridicule me, to put me down, to belittle me, to laugh at my hobbies, to insult my nationality etc. And the greatest mistake they made? Insulting J and his job.

Sure I didn't speak up and speak my mind when all this happened. I just kept quiet the entire time and had the "no comments" mindset. Yes I didn't stand up for myself and my bf because I'm a wuss and I don't like confrontation. But that does not give you ANY right to insult everything that I am, everything that I do and everyone that I love.

Yes I am a wuss for not standing up to all this crap. But you, you poor thing, are a fucking moron.

What makes you holier than thou, picking on every aspects of my life and making someone to be more inferior than you JUST because you are in university and are probably going to get some cushy desk job?

Why do you think you are better than everyone else because you are following "the route"?

Are you doing what you love and getting paid for it? Or are you just going through the motion? Then why the fuck are you insulting someone's career choice because it differs from your path?

I find it so childish and so shallow.

Don't give me that "Chill, dudette. I was only joking" bullcrap because I have had enough of this. Call me uptight, petty with a stick up my butt etc. WHATEVER. Know this now. There is a no limit to what you can think, but there is a LIMIT to what you can say. And I don't find it the least bit funny.

Go and laugh at your own fart jokes if you want. Just leave me alone.

Unless you have something decent to say, just fuck off.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I feel like I'm talking to myself.

Why do I feel like I'm talking to myself?

Because I don't get emails. Because I don't get comments. Because I don't get work-unrelated phonecalls. Because everyone else is busy.

If a tree falls down in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?

It doesn't.

Update at 6:33pm: J just emailed me! The first email since 25 Aug so that helps a wee bit.

I like bands when they were unknown, Ryan Adam, Ok Go and Jekyll and Hyde.

You know, I am partial to some of Keane's songs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before they really hit mainstream. And by mainstream, I mean endless commercials blasting from the tv, their songs getting plenty of airtime and generally killing whatever little interest I have in the band.

I still love "Walnut Tree". And I like their cover of U2's "With Or Without You".

-- Someone put together Keane's cover of "With Or Without You" with The Killers' "Mr. Brightside. Hmm.

It is so mopey, you should NEVER EVER listen to it when you are depressed and have drowned yourself with enough vodka that is fatal to small children and animals.

Same goes for Ryan Adam's "Wonderwall".

-- The ONLY decent one on Youtube that is not sung by wannabe teenagers. But it has Seth Cohen in it. Topped off with a "brought to you by (insert name)". You win some, you lose some. I am depressed.

These songs hit me like a ton of bricks and I just snap from my happy "going-about-my-own-business" self to mopey "I just wish everyone would leave me alone and why is life so fecking miserable" like THAT (does finger snap).

BUT all is not lost.

Check out Ok Go's mtv on Youtube.

-- Ok Go's "Here It Goes Again". Beats Jessica Simpson's rollerskating Barbie-fantasy of a mtv hands down.

I lurve them. Including their 70s outfit and that use of treadmills. Especially the part how he started the stereo before starting the dance. Wow.. treadmills never look more fun. I wonder how long they took to rehearse that. Or how many times they fell off the treadmills.

Talk about Jekyll and Hyde.

Queen bee, fire fighting and my love for trivia runs deep.

With the Semi-Overlord missing in action (he reports for work as and when he pleases), and his not-the-sharpest-tool-in-the-shed Protege (henceforth known as DUMB Protege)on a 3 WEEK LONG leave (back to India), I am the Queen Bee of my department for today. And I think I will be Queen Bee for quite some time.


-- Not THIS bee. Yikes.

It had been a busy morning for me. Endless phonecalls about ongoing work that the Dumb Protege conveniently forgot to tell me about while he just left everything without a care in the world for his motherland.


Anyway with all the fire fighting done, I am left to my own devices. Loads to read on the internet, people. Loads of interesting stuff that will sap time so quickly, and before you know it, it's time to call it a day and go home.

On with intriguing, albeit useless, pieces of news. Or trivia that may come in handy for the million dollar question during one of those "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" gameshows.

I bet he wished he had read more websites like mine.

I also bet no one really knew that Armor of God PJs exist.

Salvation while you sleep! Classy.

Comes with matching headdress (for the girls) and helmet (for the boys). All PJ sets come with Armor of God Shield plushie. I bet that wards off all evil.

There is no hope for mankind.

And for all you weight conscious freaks out there, there is a list of food to HELP you burn more calories. So now, you can stop substituting food with water.

Hold the phone.

Ice Water -

High water intake reduces fat deposits and rids the body of toxins. Simply drinking eight 16 oz. glasses of water throughout the day, cooled to 40 Fahrenheit, will burn 200 calories; that's equivalent to running 3 miles! Ice water will burn more calories since your metabolism will increase to warm the water to body temperature. It is also very effective for reducing cravings. If you're not a water fan, we suggest you experiment with purified, spring or reverse osmosis water. If you're still not convinced, add a little juice for flavor. Don't drink Ice Water with meals as it dilutes digestive enzymes. A little warm water or herb tea is a good choice then.

But still, keep eating. I don't want all of you to go Nicole Ritchie on me.


These sites are sooooo good, I'm linking 'em.

I am hooked on Dilbert. Again.

-- You are so witty.

(I realise Scott Adams are so alike and yet so different. We both write off the top of our heads, clearly in the "things that go on in my head" manner, and yet I am as untalented as stale cheese and I do not have a successful comic strip going for me. Feck.

So alike, yet so different. Indeed.)

It has stuff you never knew about. It has SCIENCE to prove that they are not bullshitting and they ACTUALLY know what they are talking about. Different fields of science. Something for everyone. And none of that "intelligent crap". I like that.

Why We Get Diseases Other Primates Don't
New research might explain why HIV kills only humans and why the clinical test of TGN1412 almost killed six Brits.

-- By JR Minkel

DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 09 | September 2006 | Medicine


20 Things You Didn't Know About... Death
Newsflash: we're all going to die. But here are 20 things you didn't know about kicking the bucket.

-- By LeeAundra Temescu

DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 09 | September 2006


Will We Ever Clone a Caveman?
The first complete Neanderthal skeleton shows how our species has evolved.

-- By Anne Casselman

DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 09 | September 2006 | Ancient Life


The Extreme Sport of Origami
A physicist's computer program speeds the creation of stupefyingly complex paper sculptures.

-- By Jennifer Kahn

DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 07 | July 2006


-- THAT'S origami!??!

Bet you didn't know origami is THAT difficult.

Need to go BACK to work. Dum dee doo.

Christian Louboutin patent goodness and more heels.

I do love shoes. Even heels that I can't walk in.

I have been lusting after a pair of Louboutins. Especially the peeptoe wedges in black patent leather.

-- Utterly divine.

I saw this pair of lustworthy heels when I went shopping with J. But the price is an obscene 4 digit sum. J saw my look and tore me away from the glass window that separated me and Divine Heels.

I am tempted but I won't buy it. There simply is no point in spending a 4 digit sum on something that you are going to step in, stomp all over dirty pavement and utterly destroy by walking into the disaster area known as the Public Toilet. C'mon a 4 digit sum!? Is that really necessary??

I am not THAT rich and INSANE yet.

However, drooling and dreaming about them are allowed. It is free to look anyway. They even come in the mary jane version.

-- I lurve the cherry red one more.


They are expensive, but they sure are gorgeous.

-- Stuart Weitzman's Crocodile and Raffia pumps

These are pretty as well. More functional and grownup. I prefer the brown one. But crocodile?! Not a fan of exotic skins and fur and whatnot.

I am still sort of going through my vintage phase so all these lace, pearls, and things rocking that Victorian era without looking cheesy, cheap and overdone are still catching my eye.

-- Christian Louboutin's lace and satin pumps

Not as spectacular as the black patent peeptoes AND the cherry red mary janes. Did I mention my birthday is coming? Anyone?

(The more I look at the lace ones, the uglier I think it is. I am contemplating taking the picture down. For the sanity of mankind.)

-- Miu Miu metallic peeptoe pumps

I like the 'destroyed' color.
I just don't like the price. (USD$470 !!!)

Now after 2 rather boring pair of shoes, check this out!

-- Valentino's embellished peeptoe pumps

Whoa whoa whoa and whoa...

Let me repeat, have I mentioned that my birthday is coming?

All pictures are taken from Neiman Marcus. Go there for all your online shopping voyeur needs!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Stars Are Blind" and I want to go to the Bahamas.

I admit I am not one who puts in any effort to keep myself ahead in the pop music scene. I somehow got curious about Paris Hilton's song and got my friend to send it to me.

So 10 minutes ago, it was the first time I've heard Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind.

I must admit, I feel like going to the Bahamas/Hawaii/any tropical paradise after listening to it.

Check out the music video.

Why does it feel like Paris Hilton's Guide To Making Out On The Beach 101?

Still a catchy touristy (??) tune nonetheless. Stars are blind, but rich starlets can buy anything. Including good producers to transform her voice. God knows how much equipment they need.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Flipping out, Jolin and the Greatest Doctor ever known.

I think my boyfriend would flip out if I looked anything like her.

And not the good kind of flipping out. More of the "what the hell is wrong with you" and "are you out of your fecking mind" kind of flipping out.

Yeah, I don't think J is into the cutesy, pink polka dots, twirly whirly hair kind of girls. But WW thinks Jolin is super cute and a fittie. And his Jolin can do no wrong and she can never wear too much pink fluffy costumes to make a fashion faux pas.


Hold the phone. I think I should ask J if he's into the whole cutesy sugary sweet Sailormoon thing.

And because I used WW's name in this post, I am indebted to him and I will write great things about him. Starting from now.

WW, you are forever the Greatest Doctor known to mankind. Your Greatness and your passion in medicine will live on and on and on like the Celine Dion song. I am certain you will find a cure to eradicate cancer once and for all. And rid the world of suffering with a golden touch like Midas's (without turning your patients into cold dead golden statues).

I am so honoured to be a dear friend of Wenwei's.


Goodbye Steve, stay away from stingrays and public education.

The world's one and only 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin has left us today at 11am (1pm Singapore time). He was diving and filming a documentary when a stingray's barb pierced his chest.

Crocodile Hunter killed in freak accident
-- 04 September 2006,2106,3786517a10,00.html


I am not sure how that works but condolences to Terri and the kids. It is always sad to lose someone. As an outsider, I just feel for his young family.

-- Steve and Terri

Goodbye Steve, we will miss you. Even though I didn't watch your program even once.

Anyway I have speed-emailed J (is there such a thing called speed-emailed?) to avoid stingrays while diving. I think he's going to laugh at me. =X

Because my advice is as useless as... urm.. Just plain useless and ridiculous. It's like telling someone to avoid cars while walking in the city.

Anyway he was the one who got me into diving. And I was the one who was excited to see Nemo* and clan. And I was the one whose eyes were as big as plates when I saw stingrays and eels swam by us.

-- A picture of a random stingray.

Yeah, I think he should know more about the bloody ocean than I do. Nevertheless, avoid stingrays (unless they are cooked ones) and stay safe, people.

Yeah I do know I give out useless pieces of information and advice unnecessarily.

But hey, I do this because I care (about J and the chance to educate the public about the dangers of stingray is sooo hard to come by.). If I don't give a damn, I won't even bother to remind you that you need to chew before you swallow any kind of solid food. Or breathe to stay alive. You get the drift.

And I do know for a fact that I don't give a crap about some people.

* I exclaimed, "I saw Nemo!!!" the first time I saw clownfish when I went diving. J found it "ha-ha" amusing so now, clownfish = Nemo. Pretty embarassing.

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