Thursday, September 07, 2006

Christian Louboutin patent goodness and more heels.

I do love shoes. Even heels that I can't walk in.

I have been lusting after a pair of Louboutins. Especially the peeptoe wedges in black patent leather.

-- Utterly divine.

I saw this pair of lustworthy heels when I went shopping with J. But the price is an obscene 4 digit sum. J saw my look and tore me away from the glass window that separated me and Divine Heels.

I am tempted but I won't buy it. There simply is no point in spending a 4 digit sum on something that you are going to step in, stomp all over dirty pavement and utterly destroy by walking into the disaster area known as the Public Toilet. C'mon a 4 digit sum!? Is that really necessary??

I am not THAT rich and INSANE yet.

However, drooling and dreaming about them are allowed. It is free to look anyway. They even come in the mary jane version.

-- I lurve the cherry red one more.


They are expensive, but they sure are gorgeous.

-- Stuart Weitzman's Crocodile and Raffia pumps

These are pretty as well. More functional and grownup. I prefer the brown one. But crocodile?! Not a fan of exotic skins and fur and whatnot.

I am still sort of going through my vintage phase so all these lace, pearls, and things rocking that Victorian era without looking cheesy, cheap and overdone are still catching my eye.

-- Christian Louboutin's lace and satin pumps

Not as spectacular as the black patent peeptoes AND the cherry red mary janes. Did I mention my birthday is coming? Anyone?

(The more I look at the lace ones, the uglier I think it is. I am contemplating taking the picture down. For the sanity of mankind.)

-- Miu Miu metallic peeptoe pumps

I like the 'destroyed' color.
I just don't like the price. (USD$470 !!!)

Now after 2 rather boring pair of shoes, check this out!

-- Valentino's embellished peeptoe pumps

Whoa whoa whoa and whoa...

Let me repeat, have I mentioned that my birthday is coming?

All pictures are taken from Neiman Marcus. Go there for all your online shopping voyeur needs!

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