Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crisis at work, lodging report, backstabbing prevention and pet peeves.

Major crisis at work yesterday.

The office was in a mad frenzy and I have never seen some people THAT hardworking the entire time I have worked here. Semi-Overlord was summoned back and after 3 hours, he went home due to "personal reasons", and he promised he would be back at 2.30pm.

Which of course he didn't.

I was left with the ultra unenviable task of writing and lodging the incident report, which is going to be read by the higher-ups. You should hear all the "Aww you poor thing" remarks when they all found out I had to write the report.

I know I am gifted in the Department of Bullshitting. After all, I DID crap churn out finish writing that b*tch of a thesis (in a few days no less) and graduated from uni, didn't I? But a report with such gravity? Urm, I'm a little concerned frankly.

I am hoping that I won't be called into the meeting with the higher-ups. I don't want to use the wrong words and worsen the situation. Then again, if I do not appear during the meeting, god knows who will (is??) stab me in the back. And I'll die without even knowing it.

Tactics, people. Tactics.

Which is why I feel stressed out the entire time I'm working. You never know when you'll be blamed for something you didn't do. You'll end up a scapegoat for your immediate supervisors and all shite will fall on you. I didn't believe this childish shoving of responsibilities actually existed.

Until I started working.

So right now, a day after the storm. It's peaceful alright, evident from my writing because without this free time at work, I won't be able to pen down my thoughts and disillusions with life and work.

Hopefully it remains as peaceful as it is now.

Update: I just fecking hate it when there is an OUTAGE when I want to post something. DAMN IT!!

Update 2: I hate it even more when Blogger loses half of my post while I'm saving it as draft.

Update 3: I hate it most when I have a post all ready to be shown to the world, and my fecking router dies and I have no wireless till god knows when. Damn it all to hell!

Update 4: And despite this post being date 19/09/2006, it was INDEED posted on 20/09/2006 due to aforementioned wireless outage.

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