Thursday, September 07, 2006

I like bands when they were unknown, Ryan Adam, Ok Go and Jekyll and Hyde.

You know, I am partial to some of Keane's songs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before they really hit mainstream. And by mainstream, I mean endless commercials blasting from the tv, their songs getting plenty of airtime and generally killing whatever little interest I have in the band.

I still love "Walnut Tree". And I like their cover of U2's "With Or Without You".

-- Someone put together Keane's cover of "With Or Without You" with The Killers' "Mr. Brightside. Hmm.

It is so mopey, you should NEVER EVER listen to it when you are depressed and have drowned yourself with enough vodka that is fatal to small children and animals.

Same goes for Ryan Adam's "Wonderwall".

-- The ONLY decent one on Youtube that is not sung by wannabe teenagers. But it has Seth Cohen in it. Topped off with a "brought to you by (insert name)". You win some, you lose some. I am depressed.

These songs hit me like a ton of bricks and I just snap from my happy "going-about-my-own-business" self to mopey "I just wish everyone would leave me alone and why is life so fecking miserable" like THAT (does finger snap).

BUT all is not lost.

Check out Ok Go's mtv on Youtube.

-- Ok Go's "Here It Goes Again". Beats Jessica Simpson's rollerskating Barbie-fantasy of a mtv hands down.

I lurve them. Including their 70s outfit and that use of treadmills. Especially the part how he started the stereo before starting the dance. Wow.. treadmills never look more fun. I wonder how long they took to rehearse that. Or how many times they fell off the treadmills.

Talk about Jekyll and Hyde.

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