Saturday, September 30, 2006

I made it alive, burning building, sworn to secrecy, quality content and privacy.

Holy bat crap! It has been a week 6 days since I've posted anything. I won't do that "my humble apologies for I have forsaken you, my dear loyal readers. My dear 10 loyal readers."

No I won't do that. I have been so bogged down by work and I am LUCKY to be able to get out of that black hole that is my office. The servers were acting all cranky, I'm always getting the "logicalHostname not found" (or was it offline?) error message whenever I check on the damn servers. So fuck it all. I don't give a crap if the office burns down anymore. Oops. Let me put up a disclaimer first before I get put under the umbrella of suspicion.

"Should the office DO catch fire one day, spontaneous combustion or Act of God or whatever, I am NOT responsible for it despite cursing every other second that it would go up in flames and crumble into a heap of dust. No I did NOT do it."

-- I didn't do it.

Anyway thank god, or by the grace of Ganesh if you will, I made it alive till the end of this week.

Right. Moving on to happier things!

Due to urm, the supposed secrecy I have sworn myself to, I cannot divulge my plans for my Birthday Bash 2006. There will be no party (I'm sorry guys) as I have previously hinted on. There will of course be presents, from me to me. And preferably from you to me.

Yes I am being really really presumptuous about this but hey, I can hope can't I? Plus, when was the last time anyone one of you (who knows me personally) got me anything for my birthday? If your answer is not 2005 or 2006, you have broken my heart and hurt my feelings. Therefore you are obliged to make it up to me and extend that olive branch of peace if you want to salvage whatever that is left of our torn and tattered once-beautiful friendship.

There, I said it.


Back to my non-existent Birthday Bash 2006. That is not to say that NOTHING will happen. Well I am keeping my fingers crossed because if everything falls through, I'm back to my original plan of Birthday Bash 2006 and frantically sending out invites 2 days before the party. And if I find out that only 3 of you can make it, while the rest have decided to save on the last few dollars, not get me a pressie and fuck our friendship to hell, I'll be hurt. Very hurt.

-- I'll out-pout her.

ANYWAY. This whole post was supposed to be about me bitching about work (checked.), me gushing about Birthday Bash 2006 (checked.), me trying to hint on very exciting things to come (X) and how my life sucks beyond words any language known to man ANYTHING.

And look how far I have digressed.

I promised a friend that I will post insightful stuff on..stuff this weekend simply because no one really wants to know about my love for shopping anymore. (According to him.) I will, I swear on my own grave I will write something a little deeper than my obsession with shoes. But just indulge me with my shopping, alright? That is all I have left, in my shallow shallow life.

I have a habit of not naming my friends when I write in this blog, with the exception of Wenwei WW. Not that I do not want to acknowledge them, but simply because I am not sure how they feel towards this.

My friends who read this site, will inevitably interrupt me with this phrase "Oh yeah I read your blog" WHENEVER I tell them about my life in person. It is odd because I do not expect them to remember the content of this blog. It's like the thrashy magazine you read on your way home. You don't actually remember to heart who Lindsay Lohan bonked this weekend, do you?

-- La Lohan with recent ex, Morton.

The same goes for my friends. The ones I do not name by name. Hey, do you want people to go up to you and say, "Oh yeah, I didn't know you had a thing for strawberry milkshakes with butter.. Until I read That's just gross, man. Uncool."

Yeah. So until you guys totally do not mind random friends telling you random facts about you, or discussing the conversation you had with ME, I won't put down your names. Just let me know.

I'm THAT considerate. So where's my greatest birthday gift (from you to me) 2006?!

p.s. Don't give me that "I don't know what you like" crap because this blog has PLENTY of posts on what I like. Or I can put up a birthday gift wishlist, or birthday registries I'm on. Not joking, my amigos.

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