Friday, September 15, 2006

Job dissatisfaction, prostituting my sanity, big spoilt kid and huge gaping void.

Psycho Phil said to me, "So, you don't like your job?"

Seizing the opportunity, I went on to whine about my work and it got to a point whereby I told him I needed the money, which is why I'm still hanging on to this unenviable job.

Immediately, it hit me. I am prostituting myself.

Not in that red-light district way, but you know, I am still trudging along in my department, peppered (proudly) with endless grumbles and frowns, despite hating every single bit of it. All for the sake of money. How is that different from the women selling themselves? They are selling their bodies for money, I'm selling my sanity and patience.

I am such a sellout.

(I think I am quite the hippy since I regard joining the corporate world equates to selling out.)

We slog in jobs we detest with every single bone/fibre of our bodies/souls. And with the money we exchanged, we drink ourselves numb, pay for big houses/flashy cars we don't need, and indulge ourselves with the best things money can buy. What is the point?

Man is just a big spoilt kid with short attention span. When we do not have something, we would give anything to get it. But once we own it, the novelty wears off almost immediately. And we begin another quest for something else, and this cycle never ends. Which is why consumerism prospers. We are just born with the need to own things. Whether if it is to fill up the huge gaping void in our lives, I do not know. It is innate.

(Really, I'm starting to get Zen because I'm starting to NOT see the point in getting all these material goods and satisfying all my superficial and material wants.)

I'm 100% sure that I am not the only one selling my soul and sanity for the sake of seeing bigger numbers in my bank account. Unless you are doing the job you love most, your colleagues are angels sent from above, the challenge at work does not crush your spirit but instead drives you further, plus you derive such satisfaction from work AND your relationships with your family and friends have never been dented.

It's a long list of requirements but that just barely covers the basic joy in life.

Are we all prostituting ourselves?

(I hope more readers get here because of my other interesting posts, like my sailing ones, fancy schmancy yachts, shopping etc. and not because of the search keywords "prostitution", "satisfaction", "selling bodies for money", "relationships" in ANY kinds of permutation and/or combination.)

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