Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lingerie shopping at work because your guy pal wants your "honest opinion".

Lingerie shopping at work is wrong.

Lingerie shopping with your guy pal because he wants your "honest opinion" is so so wrong.


(And I haven't even done this with my guy! Mumble mumble...)

Yes, I just did lingerie shopping online because a guy pal wants to get his girlfriend something. I think it is a present for HIM rather than HER.

Yes, I probably wasn't thinking when I agreed to help.

It is odd (not to mention uncomfortable) when you are helping to pick out something intimate for someone else's girlfriend. ("As a member of the opposite sex, would you pick this?" Need... to.... scrub... memory...)

-- This brush is too small and gentle to do the job.

I have never met her, and I don't know her personally so everything could potentially go very wrong.

I am still uncomfortable about this, and still squirming in my seat.

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