Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My fake baby, maternal instincts, wailing children and Things That Should Not Be In The Office.

There's a baby in the office.

Some colleague who has recently had a GRANDCHILD (just overheard it is a baby girl), brought the tiny infant to the office. And EVERYONE above 30 were all gathering around the little bundle, taking turns to carry the baby around the office, cooing and gushing and giggling the entire morning.

Why do I NOT have this warm fuzzy feeling towards babies?

(Except towards my fake baby in this post. I AM actually excited about this little tyke.)

-- My fake baby!!

Well, at least not towards this baby because I simply did not have the urge (lack of maternal instincts??) to have a look at the child. Poor kid, frightened by strangers and loud noises (i.e. their laughter and baby talk), began wailing.

I was almost freaking out. Despite the kid being quite a few cubicles away from me.

Note: I am adding this baby thing to my "Things That Should Not Be In The Office" list.

Things That Should Not Be In The Office
1. Food with strong smells. (e.g. Indian curries, durians etc.)
2. Irritating people
3. Pets
4. Imbeciles
5. Alcohol (unless well-concealed)
6. Babies <-- Brand new entry!

Update [12:24pm]: The hiccuping baby is actually starting to feel cute.

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