Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spring / Summer 2007 - Diane Von Furstenburg

(Looking at pretty things and shopping cheer me up. Plus New York is abuzz with Spring/Summer 2007 shows. So do expect lots of fashion-related posts!)

Diane Von Furstenburg

DVF is famous for her wrapdresses. I can't wear wrapdresses. I can't get it in the right cut, the right length, the right color, the right print etc.

In simpler terms, shopping for clothes with the perfect fit is a little like looking for the Holy Grail. You know it is somewhere out there, at least you THINK it is, and you may never find it.

I kind of like the off shoulder look. It screams casual, like you just rolled out of bed, slipped on the oversized tshirt that got damaged in the wash and strolled out the door without giving a crap. Very cool.

Not really like it as a one piece, as shown on the right though. Looks a little too druggie to me. Not nonchalant cool anymore, but more like wearing your obese brother's XXXXXXXXXXXL t-shirt, pretending it's a dress. Plus, the model is sulking.

(Yes I have mental images of clothes.)

Now, ready-to-wear!

I like this.

I think I can pull that off.

The prettiest yellow dress I've seen thus far.

But why is she sulking? It's a pretty dress she's wearing, she's a model (I would give anything to lose that stubborn 2-3kg) and she's getting paid for walking.

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