Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spring/ Summer 2007 - Marc By Marc Jacobs.

Ok, maybe my love for Marc Jacobs has not been diminished. All is not lost!

I love his Marc By Marc Jacobs range.

It is a little whimsical, but totally wearable without coming across as the Cat Lady. Like this outfit. It is nothing spectacular in that "take your breath away" way. But it is pretty.

-- Love the wedges by the way!

The whole outfit makes me want to go yachting. The Captain of the sea! Ahoy matey!

Now this outfit makes me feel like I'm working on a boat as a deckhand, with a mop in hand. I'm a pirate in expensive garb!

I like all the individual pieces. The polka dots in a refreshing blue tone dress is cool because there is just too much black/white and red/white polka dot clothes out there. Don't get me wrong. I love them all the same (I'm in that phase at the moment) but it would be great to stand out from the rest.

(And given my character, I want to stand out in a good "that looks nice on her" way, not in that "hey come look at me" way. I want to be different but I hate to be different. Not sure if anyone gets it. I'm a great ball of contradiction.)

I like the champagne colored slip dress too, with that belt. Yum.

Moving on to great colors! I love that mustard yellow color in the photos. It is something different, not boring and safe like chocolatey brown or (sometimes horrendous) khaki.

Mustard yellow works both ways. You can look preppy and all appropriate for work without blending into the background together with the wallpaper. And when paired with simple tank top, instantly casual.

-- Those fabulous blue wedges again! I have to sit down now.

(I think I need to have skinnier legs.)


On to jackets!

Now since I am currently holed up in a tropical country, I have absolutely zero need for a jacket. That sucks because I love jackets/blazers. I love the blue coat because of the 2 pockets and the way the 3/4 sleeves make it look oh so cute in that Madeline convent girl way. Very cute.

-- What I like most about the 2 coats? The collar and the cut.

But since I would most likely melt in tropical heat if I wear that coat, I have to settle for the next best thing. The Blazer.

Enough about more serious clothes. I think the dress (??) in the first photo is cute but I am overaged to wear that. It is best left for girls between the ages of 16 - 22. =...(

Maybe the second one works on me?! Guess not.

-- I still love the clothes despite being seriously overaged for them.

I think I'm going to take a break. I'm far too excited about all these new clothes and colors, plus payday is coming soon and both these do not bode well for my bank account.

Non-fashion related posts will resume very soon!

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