Thursday, September 14, 2006

Workload tripled, valuable sleep and content for blog.

You know, I have so many things to write about. I have stuff on fashion, society (very heavy stuff), Hollyweird and the like.

But guess what? The Semi-Overlord was "too busy" to handle the stuff in the department, and he has put me on regular shift for a full month till his Dimmest-Bulb-In-The-Room Protege returns from his pilgrimage back to India. Starting from today.

I am royally pissed.

You see, with Slowest-Snail-In-The-World Protege gone for a month, I am already doing 2 persons' share of work. And now that Semi-Overload was "too busy" (sneaking off and smoking every 30min) to handle the department's work, I have to do 3 persons' share of work now.

If my workload tripled, why hasn't my paycheck tripled as well?

Bloody slave drivers.

Now, I have no time to write about interesting stuff because the moment I step into my apartment, I just want to sleep and hopefully not be disturbed by calls/nightmares/MSN/strange noises.

Blame Semi-Overlord.

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