Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Life sucks, high turnover and well-needed rest.

Life sucks so bad now. I am so tired from work, I don't really know what day it is till I look at the little time/date display on my monitor. And I stare at my monitor A LOT because of my work. This all sucks to high heaven.

It is shocking to say that for the 6 months that I have joined this site (what else can it be but work), more than 10 staff have left. Since last Friday, 3 more tendered and 1 left yesterday.

So does it mean that it's not just me who hate this place?

Despite the incredible amount of work, my imagination is still in overdrive. Sure, nothing major at work but it's all the paperwork that drives me mad. And instead of getting the well-needed rest like I should, I watch thrashy shows on tv and then THINK about all the what-ifs. Not trying to spin them into some "social commentary" you know. Just thinking.

If the woman is preggers, and the man offers to do the 'right thing', should she agree to it? He's marrying her because he wants to do the 'right thing', not because he loves her. That's not the right reason to get hitched. So are they going to go through with it 'for the sake of the child'?? So are they going to be unhappy and try being civil to each other for the rest of their lives?

If A is such a scumbag, why is she with him? Or rather, why are all the women in the world crying over heartbreaking scumbags? All women love bad boys?

If we all die, where do we go? (Don't tell me Heaven because I don't believe in all that. And it would end all my thoughts.) Is it some parallel world, where we can't see them and they can't see us but everything including buildings and all their material possessions and departed family members stay? Do they continue going about their lives? Do they know they have left us?

Yeah, I think about really irrelevant stuff when I should be sleeping.

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