Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Office politics, Semi Overlord, Dim Bulb and Indian Bitch from the smelliest sewer.

I am seriously pissed off at work. I know I was supposed to share my unbridled "joy" at work a long time ago as mentioned but as all of you know, a lot of unhappy and unexpected things happened this year and I was simply too upset/busy/tired/frustrated (and a whole lot of other emotions) to write about something as unimportant as my office.

Before I begin telling all of you my tales of horror and anger, let me show you the organisation of my team.

Manager (in regal purple) sits far away from us lowly minions because he is too far up in the clouds to be sitting with us.

Semi Overlord (indian chilli red) is the team leader for my team. Dim Bulb (the color of poo) and I (sweet pink) work under him. And we are all under this Manager.

Semi Overlord and Dim Bulb are from the same motherland. Indian Bitch (Oscar the grouch from the smelliest sewer in Gujarat) is from another dept but has working connections with us. They are all from the same motherland, and naturally they speak Hindi/Indian/whatever-language-they-use IN FRONT OF ME BECAUSE I AM TRANSPARENT.

Indian Bitch tells Manager that Dim Bulb is competent. Manager is happy.

Dim Bulb is not competent because things that Indian Bitch tells him to do, he passes it on to me because "he is too busy". And I just found out that he claimed credit for my work. I AM NOT HAPPY.

Semi Overlord is (trying to??) sow discord between me and Manager. We are not happy.

So without going into too much details, Indian Bitch + Semi Overlord + Dim Bulb = 1 Big Happy F8cking Family who gangs up and is bound to destroy me.

I am so tired of work, and if I get pushed into a corner, I will f*cking explode.
I will
  1. Scream at Dim Bulb,
  2. tell Semi Overlord to fuck off,
  3. call Indian Bitch and tell her to suck it,
  4. and list down all the things that have happened, tell the Manager I am disappointed that he is oblivious to all these
  5. and yell "I FUCKING QUIT!" and slap that letter on his desk before walking out the door.

It would be so awesome. Angry, rude and totally confrontational. But abso-f8cking-lutely awesome.

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