Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spring/ Summer 2007 - Burberry Prorsum

It has been quite some time since I've last posted anything. A lot of UNHAPPY things have happened and I'm fighting fire on a daily basis. Ergo I wasn't able to spend time on this beloved creative outlet of mine.

Anyway I thought it is apt to start the blog drought with a fashion-related post. Since I am always busy at work, I hardly have the time to go shopping anymore. I am now reduced to window shopping online, absorbing ideas from various sources like a super hungry sponge before I decide on what DOES IT for me. (Stripes, colors and well-tailored pieces.)

I have a soft spot for Burberry. The clothes always make a person look very 'put-together'. Prim and proper, not snotty stuckup but just... put together like he/she has got it going on. C'mon, if Burberry can make Kate 'Cokehead' Moss look sober, it can save the rest of us.

-- She actually looks clean.

On with the show!

I will start with fail-safe clothes. I only buy fail-safe clothes.

Sure it is boring. It is yet another fail-safe white shirt-dress with details to play down the boringness, but paired with what looks like the best fitting jacket in fail-safe black. Nothing exciting, but there's nothing wrong with the whole look either. Love the details against the white and the perfect jacket.

[If people are here to scout out the newest trends, I think I disappoint. A lot. Because most of the things I cover are the things I would consider buying. Classic things that will never ever go away. Frills and polka dots may be in this month, but they don't suit everyone. Plus they go out of fashion faster than you can possibly imagine. So why bother spending the cash on something so fickle and NOT invest it in something that lasts?

That's my theory. Or how I convince myself to buy expensive boring things.]

The coat.

The rounded collar reminds me of Marc by Marc Jacobs. It is that Madeline thing again. Cute!

The twist lies in those sleeves in my opinion. Or however my power of observation best serves me. The puffiness makes the entire coat more interesting than your other regular ones.

Love the lavender.

It's another shirt-dress topped off with a jacket. But I like the color.

What I do not like.

What is it with shiny materials? First of all, women are not gifts. We do not need to be giftwrapped in gaudy shiny polyester.

And yes, I know you are trying to make this season's focus on the sleeves. Just like how the previous season was on pretty ribbons. I get it. But this is just overdose.

Neither are all women snakes.

This is not a good look.

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