Monday, October 23, 2006

Spring/ Summer 2007 - Prada

While this is not a conclusion to the Spring/Summer 2007 fashion posts, I feel the need to point out that not everything that made the runway, is good.

Is 2007 the year of Pocahontas?

It is never good if it is the year of Pocahontas. I hope this day would never come.

And while I love satiny fabrics in that cream and burgundy colors, I have this thing against short tops that try to pass themselves off as short dresses.

There was a time when long tops became the new short dress. But short tops that barely cover your crotch, ARE NOT APPROPRIATE and will never be the new short dress. Cool belt though. I will honestly kill myself if this becomes mainstream. I don't want to know the color of the undies.

And granny panties?

Bridget Jones did it. It was cute. But even darling Bridget was embarassed as feck when Hugh "I think he's gorgeous in a disarming way" Grant discovered the huge beige horrendo disaster. As big as granny "parachute" panties are, they are not shorts. And I don't think your bfs would appreciate this look. Not flattering AT ALL. Explaining to them that the editors over at Vogue herald this as THE look does not mean that this look should see the light of day.

Try not to get arrested when you wear your gigantic granny knickers out.

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