Friday, November 17, 2006

Big Brother, violent depictions, gay giraffes and weight.

Yesterday was a pretty nerve-wrecking day for me.

First up, I found out that someone from my office (I'm expanding the possibility to "office building as of now) is accessing this blog. Yes, THIS obscure blog that won't stop raving about shopping and newfound bf.

So naturally, I'm spooked. I am still very spooked.

Note to self: Do not blog at work, blog about work or blog anything stupid.

2nd note to self: But I need to rant or I'll turn into the normal-looking-but-capable-of-murder-basic-office-stationery-like-stapler colleague/worker bee!!.

3rd note to self: Can staplers kill? Remember to Google it.

I always blog about seemingly unimportant stuff like shopping, my new love for bags/shoes/anything, and my despair and disappointment with humanity as a whole. I am flighty when I write here because c'mon I need to just chill and do something that is the polar opposite of me at work. It's like yin and yang.

100% serious at work = 100% crazy non-thinking bimbotic airhead AFTER work.

So where do I draw the line about blogging stupid and blogging stupidity?

Where is this Big Brother behaviour going? Are they going to start restricting the nickname/message you put on your MSN messenger? (They actually do.) Are they going to govern your afterwork activities because "drinking and be merry" does not "put the company in good light"? What, are we supposed to start hanging out at Natural Museum of History or some art gallery to impress?

Before you know it, we can't go to the local dingy coffeehouse because it is "not befitting of the company's employee" to get a caffeine fix. Company prescribed coffeehouse: Starbucks and other upscale coffeehouses.

Seriously, how far is too far?

Note that all this time, we are not talking about impressing others for our own benefit. We are impressing others so that they will think that XYZ company ONLY employs smart, cultured and hoity toity people.

Talk about a skewed view of one's self image.

I am not going to stop blogging. Hey, I started writing before I joined my workplace. I started writing way before I heard of the company. Plus, I never once wrote badly about my company. I just gripe about everyday things that drive the crazeee bejeesus out of me.


I am not going to stop. Like hell I am.

Unless they cover for my psychiatric "consultations". You know, crazies stemming from the suppression of deep-seated unhappiness with life and its general absurdity.

So while I figure out what I am going to write, whether I should switch to "writing more conservatively" (so not my opinion anymore...), practise self-censorship (of my writing), expect readers to practise self-censorship (accept that people are entitled to their own opinions, or just fucking leave if they don't like my writing) or sod it all to fucking hell because you know, it is JUST a paycheck.

And hey, it's my private life.


Next up, what would you do when you hear noises like someone was trying to open and push the door open from YOUR door? Note: I stay in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Your ears prick up and you scan around your surroundings like a startled squirrel.

I held up my iron, checked through the peephole and opened the door, always ready to chuck my iron at the intruder. If there was one.

Seriously, I need rest. All these things do not a good rest make.

While I contemplate the content of this blog and the very meaning of life (it's chocolate coated), do check out the articles below. Just for the sake of reading.

Mysterious monolith may hide Aztec tomb
Mexican archaeologists say emperor’s remains could lie beneath stone
-- Associated Press
Updated: 10:00 p.m. ET Nov. 16, 2006

I always like archaeology. It is amazing to know that you could discover a forgotten civilization, lost cities and maybe ancient writing. On another note, why is it that the Aztecs envisioned their goddesses to be bloody? Or decapitated?
"Carvings on the stone show the Aztec god of the earth, Tlaltecuhtli, who is depicted as a woman with huge claws, a stream of blood flowing into her mouth as she squats to give birth."

And from this similar article Researchers uncover ancient sculture,
"The massive stone sculpture depicts two decapitated women with streams of blood or water flowing from their necks. Markings on top of the figures appear to depict an entry from, or part of, a 13-month lunar calendar, ... "


And you thought Mother Nature intended heterosexual copulation solely for the purpose of procreation? I guess you are wrong because gay animals do it because "they enjoy it", therefore rocking the theory that animals mate to procreate.

-- Gay giraffes.

Gay animals out of the closet?
First-ever museum display shows 51 species exhibiting homosexuality
-- By Sara Goudarzi, LiveScience staff writer
Updated: 3:46 p.m. ET Nov. 16, 2006

Read it to believe it.

And if you think you want to lose another pound so that you "look better", think again.

Brazilian model dies from anorexia
21-year-old Ana Carolina Reston weighed 88 pounds
-- Reuters
Updated: 12:39 p.m. ET Nov. 16, 2006

Poor girl.

88 pounds is not normal for a full-grown adult. Another reason why I loathe the slimming ads that are EVERYWHERE in this country. Diet pills, shakes, regimens, herbal supplements to "block the absorption of calories" and exercise videos. The myriad of fitness equipment that have sprouted all over like a bad case of fungal infection.

We don't need this.

We should be ok with who we are. Embrace that chocolate bar and stop fretting about that extra pound or 2. We are healthy. Being runway model skinny is not.

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