Friday, November 24, 2006

Busy at work and travel post coming up!

Sorry guys, I have been extremely swamped at work. As you know it is the end of the year and semester for many educational institutions, and my field of work is closely related to that. Very busy. And I haven't been getting the sleep I need everyday.

Seriously I don't know how I manage to sleep 3-4 hours and slog the entire day without collapsing every now and then. And maybe dropping dead.

My *exclusive* post on my *extensive* travel is in the pipeline. It seriously took longer than I expected! It is 97% there, and I just have to upload all the necessary pictures before publishing for all the world to see. It should be up by this evening. Just give me another 10 hours (at the most, I swear) because I'm at work and my pictures are all at home. =//

In the meantime, entertain yourself with my past writings or go Google *ahem* questionable material on the web. Check back every now and then and MAYBE you'll get to read all about it earlier than expected. ;)

Of course I'm assuming there are people who read my blog. Hi Teapot!

Cheerios and wish me all the luck in the world at work.

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