Monday, November 20, 2006

Demons, asymmetrical fringe, shopaholic returns, slingback and December paycheck.

The weekend went past in a flash and it is Monday afternoon now.

Wasn't a pleasant weekend because I had to face my demons head on. It was something that I had to do in a matter of time, but since it was beyond my control, I had to deal with it the best that I could. So naturally, I was not in the best of moods on Sunday.

Not to mention I got myself another bad haircut with asymmetrical fringe that is just too Japanese street-fashion, too avant garde for me. Plus I'm a naturally insecure person with plummeting (corrected: fluctuating) confidence so I don't think I'm going to rock this asymmetrical fringe hairstyle at all.

-- What asymmetrical fringe looks like.

Not the best idea. Ever. I am just going to avoid people I know till it grows out.

In conclusion, not in the best of moods AT ALL.

What better way to raise my spirits than a dose of retail therapy? ^___________^

I haven't done any intensive shopping in months due to all the drama that just sap away all my precious time like hungry vacuum cleaner on steroids.

It was both frustrating and liberating. I was walking around in a mall, finally. This long awaited return to my natural habitat was both liberating and... left me disoriented. It felt a little like Homer J being plopped in the middle of Candyland. You don't know where to start!

-- "Mmmm... chocolate..."

I walked around aimlessly, simply because nothing caught my eye. It was really frustrating for someone in need of retail therapy, because here I was at the center of the busiest mall in town with the intention of dropping serious cash (ok.. maybe not serious cash because I'm still recuperating from my "travels"), and there was absolutely nothing that catches my eye.

I began to bargain with myself. "Hey maybe I can get really nice plain simple yet useful things at Muji."

-- Strawberry tea, cafe au lait and tea with milk

And naturally I got bowled over by the Japanese minimalistic fuss free packaging and bought failsafe foodstuff. Cafe au lait and tea with milk are 2 of my weaknesses. It is amazing and disturbing to watch the lactose intolerant me put myself through the queasiness and tummyaches because as I aptly (albeit sheepishly) put it, "They are very yummy."

I began to get desperate. "Maybe just a polo tshirt so I can wear it on casual Fridays." Thankfully, they all had the boring colors and boring design so I gave up on the "at least I got a polo tshirt" idea.

(Seriously, all polo tshirts are boring.)

Got my magazine and a skirt for work. Nothing exciting. The entire afternoon costed me quite a bit and it wasn't even all that therapeutic!

-- Spoils of war

The best thing was, I saw the dreamiest pair of tan leather slingback peeptoes (my dream shoe all in 1! Peeptoe and a slingback. Wow.) RIGHT AFTER I walked out of the Maxstudio ( store.

-- An example by Marc Jacob

(The pair I saw is more grown up, in buttery tan leather with a metal buckle detail. Gawd I want that pair of shoes now. Life is much simpler when I'm materialistic and a shopaholic.)

And now I am broke, I can't buy them till my paycheck gets in at the beginning of December. And that is ignoring the blatant fact that "'Tis the season to be jolly" is synonymous to "'Tis the season to be bankrupt".

Fuggedy fug fug.

I should have just kept to my monastic "stay away from crowded places" policy.

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