Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dim Bulb, joy/woe, countdown, overworked and underpaid.

Dim Bulb just tendered his resignation at 4.30pm on 28/11/2006.

It is a monumental moment in my tenure at my current workplace, but I am not sure if I'm completely happy overjoyed about his leaving. Despite the bright and cheery sunflower yellow I chose to highlight this, I'm not sad that he's leaving, hell no. I don't even mind doing all the work because I can now do it my way at my pace, and rejoice in the days that I do not have to re-do something he has done because of his negligence.

-- Dim Bulb eats, shoots and leaves.

It is the shifts I am worried about. We rotate between 2 shifts weekly because official office hours is from 7am to 7pm, but since labour laws forbid us from working 12 hours at the workplace, we have 2 shifts that will cover the entire 12 hours. I have known of colleagues who put in more than 12 hours of work and not receiving a single thank-you or any sort of appreciation. That's another story for another day.

My point is, does it mean I have to wake up at ungodly hours and start slogging away in the office at 7am!? I will have to do everything, which I have no qualms about, but I am bit *concerned* if he would NOT do anything for the rest of the 1 month, and then bury me with all his responsibilities I have no idea of when he leaves. You know, certain jackass people do certain irresponsible things that HONORABLE people will not inflict on others.

God I hope not.

Should I be worried? Dim Bulb's last day will be 28/12/2006 and I'm not sure if I want to start a countdown till my freedom/slavery.

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