Monday, November 13, 2006

Job dissatisfaction, permanent residency elsewhere, astrology and God's message.

It's no secret that I hate my job. I was looking up permanent residency information, job opportunities, news and gossip columns when this astrology link caught my eye.

Top Ten Careers for Scorpio
(October 23 - November 21)
-- By the Astrocenter Team

Hey... is this part of God's plans or what?

Scorpios do not like to be interrupted when they are working and need to be able to do things on their own terms. The Scorpion is motivated by being able to do good work and gaining a stellar reputation. This sign will wholeheartedly engage in all that they do, provided that they are able to do things their way.

Hey... I'm a pretty dedicated and passionate employee if I love my job. I'm still dedicated to my job despite hating it to bits. I call that sense of responsibility. I don't believe in all these astrology "my destiny is in the stars" nonsense, but it is always a good read to find out if the "little mishap" due to "Jupiter's transition into 3rd moon" will bring in "unexpected fortune" or "a small pet".

I just totally made that up.

I read the article with great interest.. Surely a career article when I am fed up with my job is a sign. But.. a coroner? Embalmer?? That's pretty grim to me. I would be looking at dead people all the time! =/

But maybe... MAYBE that is God's subtle message to me. I should work with dead people to escape from the Indian people. Am I getting the right message?

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