Thursday, December 14, 2006

Inner monologue and neurotic freakshow.

Day 1:
Why hasn't he called? I miss him. I feel like talking to him. *pouts*
Maybe he will call later.

Day 2:
Maybe he ran out of credit on his prepaid. *All mopey and pouty, down and out with nary a smile for the world*
I miss him so much I want to cry now. *Weeping silently with tears streaming down the side of her face*

Day 3:
Did his flight get delayed? Was there a freak snow storm that I didn't know about? God I hope he's ok. *frantically Google-ing snow+weather+airport+delay+Paris*
Weather is fine. No storm. I hope he's safe. Maybe his phone got stolen/lost. *trying to convince self that it is not the worst*

[2 minutes later]
Well he could have at least emailed me. *frowns and pouts with nagging thoughts swirling in her head*

[by the end of the day..]
God is he avoiding me? Why do I get this "Call failed - unsubscribed number" error when I called him?" *panicks for a second before collecting thoughts*
Did he really cancel his number? No emails. Oh god he's breaking up with me isn't he? Hang on, he's just ditching me! Oh god.. why oh why must you break my heart like this? *wailing uncontrollably, soaking pillow with tears*

[6 hours later..]
"I'm so happy to hear from you! I thought you changed your number to avoid me and you are breaking up with me!!!"
Him: "Huh???"


I am a neurotic, one-woman freakshow.

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