Thursday, December 07, 2006

Retail therapy, no bonus, shall-nots and current damage.

Because the wireless is down on J's side, all the crew can't get online and naturally I haven't heard from him in about a week. And if I'm lucky, I get a text message a day. And if I've been a really good girl, I get a short phonecall.

That's if I'm really really good.

Therefore to lift my spirits out of the abyss of depression, I try not to go straight home after work to stare at the 4 cold walls that seem to be mocking me. (Damn walls..) I have been strolling along the shopping district for the past few days and it would have been better if my role remained as a spectator, watching the world go by. Noooooo... I had to turn indulgent and become a participant, dipping my tippy toes into the shopping mecca whirlpool blackhole that sucks the living daylights out of my wallet.

Unlike most of the lucky sods out there, I'm not getting any year end bonus. I think I should stop spending like I have it.

I shall:
  • not buy more clothes just because I justify them as work clothes, and therefore "legitimate purchases"
  • not buy overpriced books from Borders just because my literary soul "needs enriching"
  • not buy any kind of clothes just because I think "I can wear them out with J when he visits me"
  • not buy any shoes just because they are approriate for work, and therefore making the "legitimate purchases" list
  • not buy cutesy useless stuff that has no functional use, like the Swarovski snowflake crystal which I thought look very pretty.

The list goes on. The current damage stands at $500.

I'm glad I have a job, but f*ck that's not the way to throw money away.

p.s. And because I bought some stuff, I'll try and squeeze some posts about them. Think of them as filler before the good posts come back.

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