Thursday, November 30, 2006

Choice cuts, suggestions and I need your feedback.

Hi people,

I'm going to start a "The Best Read" section on the right panel on this blog. Well, not the Best Read per se, but more like choice cuts at your local deli section. Same idea. Posts that are actually worth reading. Posts I write to be exact.

I'm going to post a few links here, and please vote/comment on what you would deem as a good read. It can be funny, political, shopping-related or any of my travel stories. Whatever floats your boat.

If what you see here is NOT what you like, just go through the archives and give me suggestion.

Thank you!

p.s. Chances are, I'm not going to get any feedback from ANYONE. =/

Dim Bulb, joy/woe, countdown, overworked and underpaid.

Dim Bulb just tendered his resignation at 4.30pm on 28/11/2006.

It is a monumental moment in my tenure at my current workplace, but I am not sure if I'm completely happy overjoyed about his leaving. Despite the bright and cheery sunflower yellow I chose to highlight this, I'm not sad that he's leaving, hell no. I don't even mind doing all the work because I can now do it my way at my pace, and rejoice in the days that I do not have to re-do something he has done because of his negligence.

-- Dim Bulb eats, shoots and leaves.

It is the shifts I am worried about. We rotate between 2 shifts weekly because official office hours is from 7am to 7pm, but since labour laws forbid us from working 12 hours at the workplace, we have 2 shifts that will cover the entire 12 hours. I have known of colleagues who put in more than 12 hours of work and not receiving a single thank-you or any sort of appreciation. That's another story for another day.

My point is, does it mean I have to wake up at ungodly hours and start slogging away in the office at 7am!? I will have to do everything, which I have no qualms about, but I am bit *concerned* if he would NOT do anything for the rest of the 1 month, and then bury me with all his responsibilities I have no idea of when he leaves. You know, certain jackass people do certain irresponsible things that HONORABLE people will not inflict on others.

God I hope not.

Should I be worried? Dim Bulb's last day will be 28/12/2006 and I'm not sure if I want to start a countdown till my freedom/slavery.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reflection of life and lonely people.

Just a quick one.

You know something is terribly wrong when you open up your Gmail, and you see this on the "sponsored link":


I'm not THAT lonely, am I?

Don't answer that.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Palma, castles, alfresco cafes, scenic drives and a slice of heaven.

I have been hinting about my post on my *extensive* travel and here it is!

Remember my "Alternative Birthday Bash 2006"? It was glorious.

I went to , Spain. I went to the Mediterranean for my birthday!


(We made Spain 2006!! Only J knows what I am talking about. ^________^ )

It is my first overseas holiday with my boyfriend. And it was J's birthday present to me (sort of). So I am very very very happy because I got to see him after so many months!

The trip to Palma was gruelling. It was a 18-hour flight from Singapore and I chose the midnight flight so that I could catch some shut-eye. Booked my tickets through and I must say, I am pretty impressed by the personal delivery of my air tickets.

Apparently there is no direct flight from Singapore to Palma, so I had to take the itinerary with 2 transits.

Singapore -> Frankfurt -> Barcelona -> Palma de Mallorca

I wanted to fly direct to Barcelona and the catch a domestic flight to Palma but did not (corrected: still does not) offer such a route. It was ok, considering the fact that my transit time at each city was quite short.

Note to all: Try not to fly cattle class on because they do not have those tiny screens for every seat in economy class. That's right, I had no tv for the entire 13 hours from Singapore to Frankfurt. That's 26 hours of tv cold turkey in total when you consider the return trip as well.

Am I too pampered by other airlines *cough*Singapore Airlines*cough* to come to expect a few hundred tv channels from the "comfort" of my "snug" (read: cramped) economy seat?

Well I got to Palma de Mallorca safe and sound, though very tired from the extremely long and entertainment-inaedequate flights and the difference in time zones was no help at all, and boy was I glad to see J!!!

The city of Palma is beautiful.

Mallorca is an island off the south coast of mainland Spain, and Palma is a city on it. Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza (yes the party/rave paradise) belong to this group of islands called Balearic Islands. And because my blog is not exactly , I'm not going to give you the climate and history of Mallorca.

I stayed in Old Palma on Carrer del Apuntadores. It is an old part of town where all the cathedrals, castles, museums and churches are. It is also where the all the good restaurants and bars are situated. The hotel I stayed in is great. It used to be a 16th century Episcopal palace, but refurbished into a modern hip little place with a total of 19 rooms. Coolio!

-- Appearance can be very very deceiving

I like the fact that it is small and the warm hospitality is extremely welcoming, especially I don't speak a word of Spanish. Salida, entrada, gracias, adios and por favor will not get you very far. The people in the hotel knows the guests by name, and even what I like for breakfast!

Breakfast is a wide selection of buffet with fresh fruits, cheeses, pastries, hams and chorizos.

-- Yummy breakfast

I did a lot of walking in Palma and it was a great place to explore on foot. Though I am no architectural aficionado, I know beautiful buildings when I see them. The whole of Old Palma feels like a blend of buildings with heavy Catholic influences with some Islamic tinges. Not to mention the Roman side of things.

-- At a cafe at Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is a square (among many others) in the city with cafes all around. Street performers pretending to be statues, sketch artists displaying their work and drawing portraits of happy people. And of course, the pigeons. You see pigeons at squares all over the world. Like St. Peter's in Rome and they are just EVERYWHERE.

-- My yummy lunch at a cafe at Plaza Mayor

Visited a few museums, and Palau March was one of them. It is next to 2 of the famous landmarks in Palma. I'll get to them later.

-- Palau March

In the reflection, you can see the majestic Catedral (I'm spelling it the way they spell it) that the locals fondly know it as La Seu.

And opposite the Catedral, say maybe less than 100 foot across, is a castle whereby the King of Spain stays when he visits Mallorca. How bloody cool is that?

(Again, I debated this with J. Surely ancient men likened their abodes to their ego/manhood? The ancient ruler must had been mighty pissed when his awesome castle was dwarfed by his next door neighbour, the gigantic Catedral. J and I agree that the ancient ruler must had been very pissed.)

(Oh, tapas is awesome. God I love Spanish food. And I'm pretty lucky because there's a tapas bar next to my place in Singapore. Yay!)

Did you know that Mallorcans have a local snack of roasted chestnuts?

-- A local man roasting chestnuts on Passeig de Born

Chestnuts roasted over charcoal, exactly how Asians do it. I thought that was rather surprising, since I always assumed it is a very Asian snack. Now I'm not sure if it's Asian or European. Is it a bit like how Arabic numbers were invented by Indians and it just spread like wildfire due to trade?

(I'm starting to go off tangent.)

Also visited Castel del Bellver. It is the ONLY castle in Spain that is entirely CIRCULAR in design.

I think they filled the moat with crocodiles. Hehehe.. It's just the crazy me talking. Don't believe anything about the crocs.

-- Well in the castle

The many rooms of this castle have become a museum about the city, a "church", and some other stuff that I have clearly forgotten. I think I would enjoy living there as a child, making up stories about rooms and people, and exploring the towers and dungeons. Talk about imagination overdrive.

-- Great view of the bay

This is a shot of the bay of Palma. I could even see the yacht J works on from here! Very nice.

We went driving over the weekend because J didn't have to work. I didn't drive because driving on the 'wrong' side of the road in a manual car is NOT exactly my forte.

(Note: Car rental is so expensive! Spending $250 euros on a stupid car for 2 days is really ridiculous.)

-- Windmills

Saw pretty windmills everywhere on the farms.

Visited Coves del Drac. Stalagtites and stalagmites. It has the largest underground lake in Europe. It got a bit commercialized, since the trip ended with a Venetian-esque music playing on a rowing. And a boat ride across a small bit of the lake is available. Again, very Venetian with all that rowing and classical music. Wasn't supposed to take pictures in the caves, but I sneaked one while I was on the boat.

-- Very shaky.

These caves actually said to have inspired Jules Verne's book Journey to the Centre of the Earth!

I am now experiencing both a National Geographic moment, and a literature moment.


Drove to Port d'Andratx and Porto Portals.

-- a slice of heaven at Port d'Andratx where I had my scrumptious birthday lunch.

It does look a bit like heaven, doesn't it?

We drove along the scenic route on the west of Mallorca and this place is truly breathtaking. Long winding roads, trees changing to a shade of red and gold for autumn, crisp air, cliffs that drop down into the clear blue sea. Not to mention the very very clear skies and beautiful sunset.

-- Terraced olive groves at Banyalbulfar

Anyone can take excellent photos here. =)

Mallorca is a wonderful place for a getaway. It is not a bustling metropolitan city with monstrous skyscrapers and crazy taxi drivers. It's all about the sun, sand, sea, olive groves, orange trees and unparalleled scenic drives.

-- Talk about a cafe with a view

Just perfect.

p.s. I leave out quite a bit of details in this travel post. Simply because many of them were little inside jokes and "little things" that only J and I know of. And I intend to keep it that way.

Just Google "Mallorca palma vacation" if you want to know more about the island. =)

p.p.s. I appreciate if people do not lift my photos and then claim it as their own. C'mon, I flew 18 hours there and took them. At least give me some credit for them.

Sorry state, extinction, grandma bomber, spy assassination and disturbed.

To be honest, I have to admit that the sorry state of affairs in the world is further fuelling my undying belief that humankind is doomed and we are the most incredibly stupid, egoistic and destructive species to ever walk the Earth. Actually, we scar the Earth. We are the cancer of the world.

Tell me, do you know of any other creature that places research on nuclear weapons and technology above food and shelter for the disadvantaged? Or any other creature that stockpiles weapons so that it may use it against another if the situation that will benefit it arises? Or just killing for the sake of it?

Sigh. We deserve to be extinct.

Ok, enough about how much humans suck.

When grandmothers no longer hug and kiss you like tomorrow, while bribing you with candy (while your moms clearly say no) with a twinkle in their eyes, and start doing this, something is terribly wrong.

[That is one long sentence.]

Palestinian grandmother blows self up in Gaza
Woman, 64, slightly wounds two Israeli soldiers; Hamas claims attack

-- Associated Press
Updated: 4:48 p.m. ET Nov. 23, 2006

Do people really think that blowing themselves up and blowing up other people at the same time is going to ACCOMPLISH anything? Sure, people GET IT. You are angry, but you are also very dead. More people get angry, and more of these are going to happen. No anger is going to diffuse anytime soon if you keep blowing people up.

There is truly no hope for mankind.

In other chilling news, an ex-spy got hushed up.

Poisoned Russian spy dies in London
Doctors still unable to determine what sickened, killed Litvinenko

-- Associated Press
Updated: 8:58 p.m. ET Nov. 23, 2006

This is all sounds very 007 (Movie tie-in promo thing? Ok, callous insensitive quip. I'm a cynic, remember?) to me. You have spies, cool gadgets hidden in your very expensive customised Omega watch, beautiful women strutting their stuff around you who could be assassins and explosions going on in the background all while you are sipping your martini. Shaken not stirred. Too Hollywood.

But when doctors can't figure out how you die, or what poisoned you, you start to think. It is no longer fiction and it is scary. It is now a fact that governments have secret prisons, potent poison to snuff you out without a cure in the world known to "outside" doctors.

Aren't all of you very disturbed by this?

Busy at work and travel post coming up!

Sorry guys, I have been extremely swamped at work. As you know it is the end of the year and semester for many educational institutions, and my field of work is closely related to that. Very busy. And I haven't been getting the sleep I need everyday.

Seriously I don't know how I manage to sleep 3-4 hours and slog the entire day without collapsing every now and then. And maybe dropping dead.

My *exclusive* post on my *extensive* travel is in the pipeline. It seriously took longer than I expected! It is 97% there, and I just have to upload all the necessary pictures before publishing for all the world to see. It should be up by this evening. Just give me another 10 hours (at the most, I swear) because I'm at work and my pictures are all at home. =//

In the meantime, entertain yourself with my past writings or go Google *ahem* questionable material on the web. Check back every now and then and MAYBE you'll get to read all about it earlier than expected. ;)

Of course I'm assuming there are people who read my blog. Hi Teapot!

Cheerios and wish me all the luck in the world at work.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Scissor Sister and I want to be carefree and crazy.

Now for a little fun!

Scissor Sister - I don't feel like dancin'

Love the song!

I think I want to be the crazy carefree me again. Dancing butt naked like a hippy like I just don't care.


Birthday delivery and save my flowers.

Remember my swoonsome basket of flowers/plants/arrangement I received from J for my birthday?

The red blooms just died on me.

Good lord, I can't even take care of plants.

I hope they grow back.

Demons, asymmetrical fringe, shopaholic returns, slingback and December paycheck.

The weekend went past in a flash and it is Monday afternoon now.

Wasn't a pleasant weekend because I had to face my demons head on. It was something that I had to do in a matter of time, but since it was beyond my control, I had to deal with it the best that I could. So naturally, I was not in the best of moods on Sunday.

Not to mention I got myself another bad haircut with asymmetrical fringe that is just too Japanese street-fashion, too avant garde for me. Plus I'm a naturally insecure person with plummeting (corrected: fluctuating) confidence so I don't think I'm going to rock this asymmetrical fringe hairstyle at all.

-- What asymmetrical fringe looks like.

Not the best idea. Ever. I am just going to avoid people I know till it grows out.

In conclusion, not in the best of moods AT ALL.

What better way to raise my spirits than a dose of retail therapy? ^___________^

I haven't done any intensive shopping in months due to all the drama that just sap away all my precious time like hungry vacuum cleaner on steroids.

It was both frustrating and liberating. I was walking around in a mall, finally. This long awaited return to my natural habitat was both liberating and... left me disoriented. It felt a little like Homer J being plopped in the middle of Candyland. You don't know where to start!

-- "Mmmm... chocolate..."

I walked around aimlessly, simply because nothing caught my eye. It was really frustrating for someone in need of retail therapy, because here I was at the center of the busiest mall in town with the intention of dropping serious cash (ok.. maybe not serious cash because I'm still recuperating from my "travels"), and there was absolutely nothing that catches my eye.

I began to bargain with myself. "Hey maybe I can get really nice plain simple yet useful things at Muji."

-- Strawberry tea, cafe au lait and tea with milk

And naturally I got bowled over by the Japanese minimalistic fuss free packaging and bought failsafe foodstuff. Cafe au lait and tea with milk are 2 of my weaknesses. It is amazing and disturbing to watch the lactose intolerant me put myself through the queasiness and tummyaches because as I aptly (albeit sheepishly) put it, "They are very yummy."

I began to get desperate. "Maybe just a polo tshirt so I can wear it on casual Fridays." Thankfully, they all had the boring colors and boring design so I gave up on the "at least I got a polo tshirt" idea.

(Seriously, all polo tshirts are boring.)

Got my magazine and a skirt for work. Nothing exciting. The entire afternoon costed me quite a bit and it wasn't even all that therapeutic!

-- Spoils of war

The best thing was, I saw the dreamiest pair of tan leather slingback peeptoes (my dream shoe all in 1! Peeptoe and a slingback. Wow.) RIGHT AFTER I walked out of the Maxstudio ( store.

-- An example by Marc Jacob

(The pair I saw is more grown up, in buttery tan leather with a metal buckle detail. Gawd I want that pair of shoes now. Life is much simpler when I'm materialistic and a shopaholic.)

And now I am broke, I can't buy them till my paycheck gets in at the beginning of December. And that is ignoring the blatant fact that "'Tis the season to be jolly" is synonymous to "'Tis the season to be bankrupt".

Fuggedy fug fug.

I should have just kept to my monastic "stay away from crowded places" policy.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Big Brother, violent depictions, gay giraffes and weight.

Yesterday was a pretty nerve-wrecking day for me.

First up, I found out that someone from my office (I'm expanding the possibility to "office building as of now) is accessing this blog. Yes, THIS obscure blog that won't stop raving about shopping and newfound bf.

So naturally, I'm spooked. I am still very spooked.

Note to self: Do not blog at work, blog about work or blog anything stupid.

2nd note to self: But I need to rant or I'll turn into the normal-looking-but-capable-of-murder-basic-office-stationery-like-stapler colleague/worker bee!!.

3rd note to self: Can staplers kill? Remember to Google it.

I always blog about seemingly unimportant stuff like shopping, my new love for bags/shoes/anything, and my despair and disappointment with humanity as a whole. I am flighty when I write here because c'mon I need to just chill and do something that is the polar opposite of me at work. It's like yin and yang.

100% serious at work = 100% crazy non-thinking bimbotic airhead AFTER work.

So where do I draw the line about blogging stupid and blogging stupidity?

Where is this Big Brother behaviour going? Are they going to start restricting the nickname/message you put on your MSN messenger? (They actually do.) Are they going to govern your afterwork activities because "drinking and be merry" does not "put the company in good light"? What, are we supposed to start hanging out at Natural Museum of History or some art gallery to impress?

Before you know it, we can't go to the local dingy coffeehouse because it is "not befitting of the company's employee" to get a caffeine fix. Company prescribed coffeehouse: Starbucks and other upscale coffeehouses.

Seriously, how far is too far?

Note that all this time, we are not talking about impressing others for our own benefit. We are impressing others so that they will think that XYZ company ONLY employs smart, cultured and hoity toity people.

Talk about a skewed view of one's self image.

I am not going to stop blogging. Hey, I started writing before I joined my workplace. I started writing way before I heard of the company. Plus, I never once wrote badly about my company. I just gripe about everyday things that drive the crazeee bejeesus out of me.


I am not going to stop. Like hell I am.

Unless they cover for my psychiatric "consultations". You know, crazies stemming from the suppression of deep-seated unhappiness with life and its general absurdity.

So while I figure out what I am going to write, whether I should switch to "writing more conservatively" (so not my opinion anymore...), practise self-censorship (of my writing), expect readers to practise self-censorship (accept that people are entitled to their own opinions, or just fucking leave if they don't like my writing) or sod it all to fucking hell because you know, it is JUST a paycheck.

And hey, it's my private life.


Next up, what would you do when you hear noises like someone was trying to open and push the door open from YOUR door? Note: I stay in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Your ears prick up and you scan around your surroundings like a startled squirrel.

I held up my iron, checked through the peephole and opened the door, always ready to chuck my iron at the intruder. If there was one.

Seriously, I need rest. All these things do not a good rest make.

While I contemplate the content of this blog and the very meaning of life (it's chocolate coated), do check out the articles below. Just for the sake of reading.

Mysterious monolith may hide Aztec tomb
Mexican archaeologists say emperor’s remains could lie beneath stone
-- Associated Press
Updated: 10:00 p.m. ET Nov. 16, 2006

I always like archaeology. It is amazing to know that you could discover a forgotten civilization, lost cities and maybe ancient writing. On another note, why is it that the Aztecs envisioned their goddesses to be bloody? Or decapitated?
"Carvings on the stone show the Aztec god of the earth, Tlaltecuhtli, who is depicted as a woman with huge claws, a stream of blood flowing into her mouth as she squats to give birth."

And from this similar article Researchers uncover ancient sculture,
"The massive stone sculpture depicts two decapitated women with streams of blood or water flowing from their necks. Markings on top of the figures appear to depict an entry from, or part of, a 13-month lunar calendar, ... "


And you thought Mother Nature intended heterosexual copulation solely for the purpose of procreation? I guess you are wrong because gay animals do it because "they enjoy it", therefore rocking the theory that animals mate to procreate.

-- Gay giraffes.

Gay animals out of the closet?
First-ever museum display shows 51 species exhibiting homosexuality
-- By Sara Goudarzi, LiveScience staff writer
Updated: 3:46 p.m. ET Nov. 16, 2006

Read it to believe it.

And if you think you want to lose another pound so that you "look better", think again.

Brazilian model dies from anorexia
21-year-old Ana Carolina Reston weighed 88 pounds
-- Reuters
Updated: 12:39 p.m. ET Nov. 16, 2006

Poor girl.

88 pounds is not normal for a full-grown adult. Another reason why I loathe the slimming ads that are EVERYWHERE in this country. Diet pills, shakes, regimens, herbal supplements to "block the absorption of calories" and exercise videos. The myriad of fitness equipment that have sprouted all over like a bad case of fungal infection.

We don't need this.

We should be ok with who we are. Embrace that chocolate bar and stop fretting about that extra pound or 2. We are healthy. Being runway model skinny is not.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Travel, groovy Scissor Sisters, Dieses Lieben, German, rough time and encouragement.

Still putting together a post of my extensive travels. *wink*

First heard this song last week (along with the super retro and groovy Scissor Sisters' "I Don't Feel Like Dancin' ") and I must admit, I can't get it out of my head ever since.

-- Juli, Dieses Lieben

Despite the very very big language barrier.

I think the song is in German and it's good. The MTV is good.

And a song by Sportfreunde Stiller - 54,74,90,2006

-- Ahhhh... the glorious World Cup days.

National pride is contagious isn't it? Especially when it's non-orchestrated. Why do I say that? Because I can't understand a single word and I'm awfully happy for the Germans. I even know who Oliver Kahn is!

Well that's besides the point. I know who he is since World Cup 2002.

Anyway I'm going through another pretty rough time of my life at the moment. I need support and encouragement and if you are kind enough, words of consolation. I won't go into details of what happened, but let's just say that people do not share my enthusiam and the incredible joy that J brings to my life.

Please keep words of encouragement coming before I get too depressed and world weary and jump off some tall building.


Goodbye Belinda.

It is always sad to say goodbye to the ones you love.

Can't say that I know the couple, besides reading about them on thrashy magazines. But it was always good stuff, because they were the golden couple. They are definitely right for each other. Even I can see it. They beamed at each other and you think to yourself, hey I wish I can be just like them too.

But she is gone now. Belinda Emmett is gone.

It feels like Cinderella passed away and Prince Charming is now in a million little pieces. You don't know them, but you know all about them. And you feel sad. That's how I feel.

This year is not a good year.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Job dissatisfaction, permanent residency elsewhere, astrology and God's message.

It's no secret that I hate my job. I was looking up permanent residency information, job opportunities, news and gossip columns when this astrology link caught my eye.

Top Ten Careers for Scorpio
(October 23 - November 21)
-- By the Astrocenter Team

Hey... is this part of God's plans or what?

Scorpios do not like to be interrupted when they are working and need to be able to do things on their own terms. The Scorpion is motivated by being able to do good work and gaining a stellar reputation. This sign will wholeheartedly engage in all that they do, provided that they are able to do things their way.

Hey... I'm a pretty dedicated and passionate employee if I love my job. I'm still dedicated to my job despite hating it to bits. I call that sense of responsibility. I don't believe in all these astrology "my destiny is in the stars" nonsense, but it is always a good read to find out if the "little mishap" due to "Jupiter's transition into 3rd moon" will bring in "unexpected fortune" or "a small pet".

I just totally made that up.

I read the article with great interest.. Surely a career article when I am fed up with my job is a sign. But.. a coroner? Embalmer?? That's pretty grim to me. I would be looking at dead people all the time! =/

But maybe... MAYBE that is God's subtle message to me. I should work with dead people to escape from the Indian people. Am I getting the right message?

Cat, judgement and my happiness.

The fucking cat is out of the fucking bag.

Sometimes I just wish people trust me to make the judgement and be happy for me. My boyfriend is super nice to me. People should be happy that I found someone great, shouldn't they?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Little garden may be drowning, Blogger Beta is ready and back hair.

I left my little garden out on the balcony to get a little sun before I left for work today. And now it's raining like cats and dogs. I don't care much about my washing that's hung out to dry because it's a foregone conclusion as to the state of my washing now.

But what about my little garden!?!?

I hope it doesn't drown in the rain.
Too much water = water logged = roots rot = little garden dead.


I was trying to post something a while ago when I saw this notice.

Blogger Beta is ready.

Is it really? I am apprehensive. I don't want to make the change only to find out that it sucks more than before. Just like Windows Live Messenger, that total flop.

Does anyone have any idea how Blogger Beta is like? Any good? Worth the migration?

And for other news, check out

It's disturbingly fun.

-- Wolverine's back

And that's a lot of back hair! Get it fixed, dude.

I have a midland accent.

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The Northeast

The Inland North


The South


The West

North Central

What American accent do you have?
Take More Quizzes

"You are not American, we both know that, and yet you're classified as having a midland accent???!"

I don't know why too. I think it's all the American tv I've been watching since my formative years. The subconscious emulation (brainwashing??) thing is hereby proven.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Guess where I went, and my poor little garden.

I sort of went quiet for almost a week, didn't I? I guess most people just thought it was one of my "she's too busy and boring a person to write anything interesting" week.

Last week happened to be my all-important all-consuming birthday week. Remember my "Alternative Birthday Bash 2006"?

Guess where I went?

-- Cheap and pretty pink preppy shirt for work

-- Yummy delights from said country.

Any idea yet? (Should be a dead giveaway.)

I love olives. And "The Pot" is not the pot. I'm in a country where I can get hanged for dabbling in "herbal remedies". Plus, I don't do all that crap. And they look like lovely cookies, don't they?

Have I mentioned that I love my little garden? I water it everyday (it has only been 2 days) and put it near the window so it gets sun to grow all green and healthy.

-- Pretty pink blooms!

Check out the lush colors.. this little garden is my life. Yeah I don't have much of a life because I am too tired to have one. It is my baby. It is my pet.

The non-eating non-shitting kind. And I love it to bits.

But this little piece of arranged nature has gotten me all perplexed.

-- My poor leafy seedling.

The green is fading. They used to be in different shades of green and now, look at it! They are all going pale and yellowy.

-- My wilting blooms.

And the striking red blooms are getting all droopy and turning blackish. Why?!?!

I water it, I give it sun. I take care of it the best that I can. But why is it dying on me?? It has only been 2 days.

I don't exactly have green fingers, do I?


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My little garden for my birthday.

I have had the most fabulous time for my birthday. It is everything that I could possibly want, and maybe more.

(Now I'm just gushing and probably over-exaggerating.)

J sent me a basket of... flowers and plants. It's my own little garden!

I water it and place it next to the window so it can get some sun. I love this little garden. =)

It was very sweet of him to get them delivered, timed just right that I would see them when I got home yesterday.

Altogether now... Awwwwwwwwwwww......

Awesome awesome birthday. Best birthday yet! Pictures will be up soon!

Extremism and pigs.

Cleric blames women's attire for attacks
-- Thursday Oct 26 06:57 AEST

"If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?" the sheik asked.

Shocking. Just shocking.

So if everyone puts money in the bank, everyone knows the money is in the vault. So if the robbers, who know the money is in the vault like everyone else, rob the vault, does it mean it's the public's fault who put the money in the bank?

Women are not meat. The difference between men and cats is that men should know better. Men are governed by laws, and their innate behaviour to "go forth and procreate" DOES NOT give them the right to just "get it on" with whoever is in their sight.

Men (who lack self-control) see hot women and decide to molest/rape them just because "their goods are in plain sight", are nothing less than beasts. Women can dress however they like. They can even wear as little as they damn well please. But that doesn't mean than men can touch. "Temptation was just too great" is NOT a valid excuse.

Keep it in your pants, weak-willed men.

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