Monday, January 01, 2007

My new black patent peeptoe wedges.

My quest for THE pair of black patent peeptoe heels/wedges is now over!

It just goes to show that when I really really want to get a pair of these luscious shoes, and is willing to consider giving up my firstborn for them, I can't find the perfect pair ANYWHERE.

But when I least expect it, and when I'm at my most broke status ever, I see them. Just sitting on the white shelves, all shiny and pretty.

I was out with Wei and her feet were hurting from walking too much in her moccasins. It was close to midnight (insert Cinderella quips, you smarty pants you) and thank god the stores were still open for all the last minute Christmas shoppers.

-- Cindi enjoying her last dance before she lost her slipper.

We walked in, and I was trying to convince her to get a pair of slippers just to relieve the pain. She refused, insisting that she only had to put up with it for just a little while more before she headed home. I offered to get her flip flops. I even offered to buy MYSELF a new pair of shoes so she could wear my Birkenstocks.

And then I laid eyes on them.

Good lord, they are the simplest but prettiest pair of patent peeptoes I've ever seen. Just like the Christian Louboutin ones.

Of course I got them. Dum dee doo.

Wei walked in my Birks, and I walked in my shiny peeptoes. Yay! (I think it's karma. One good turn ups your karma and in my case, I found the shoes I always wanted!)

-- Me and my new shoes. Anklet from J. Tee hee.

Dialogue between J and I about my new shoes.

"Hey check out my new shoes!"
"Don't they look familiar?"
"Oh god baby.. $1100!? Tell me you didn't."
"I got them for a bargain!"

p.s. My love for peeptoe heels run deep.


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