Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Work crisis, illusion of free will, New Year, New Girl and blind faith will keep us alive.

Hullo mah pretties, hope life has been treating you right.

-- Life is pinkishly wonderful for you, mah pretties.

Life still sucks on my side of the pond. Work, work and more work. Dealing with one work crisis after another. When will all the crap end? Oh I know.
a) When the world ends.
b) When the company collapses.
c) When I die.

I thought about putting the option "When I quit" but then again, crap will still crop up somewhere else even if I change jobs. Which brings me to think about this oxy-moronic thing called "free will".

I think free will is just a fucking illusion some coked-up philosophers who were high on some potent herbal remedies back in the day. You think you have the power to change the situation, in this example, my life would totally change for the better IF I have a choice to change my job. Does the action make it true? No.

-- High as a kite.

You CAN change your job, but that does not guarantee that life is going to be a bed of gorgeous smelling roses. Hell, you may have given up the the field of overpowering parsley for the great unknown, which turns out to be a festering swamp of rotten soggy cabbages.

You get my drift? Making a change does not necessarily change a person's life for the better. Free will is a self-empowering illusion. So is faith. Faith makes you believe that the impossible may become possible just because you believe. If I just HOPE AND BELIEVE that God will drive a bright yellow school bus down to Earth to pick up stranded victims during a horrible flash flood, and refuse the emergency raft that comes to bring me to safety, would that be still called faith?

-- God, are you here to save me??

I believe in God and all His glorious awesome-st powers, therefore I reject all earthly help because I truly believe He will rescue me from the crocodiles that are swimming my way. That's faith.

And perhaps a giant dose of stupidity.

What do you think?


Anyway onto lighter subjects.

Chinese New Year is approaching (ETA: 12 Days) and mom's feeling the pressure to clean the house inside out, and probably all the nooks and crannies I don't think anyone will ever discover during the short time they spend in my house. I have been trying my darndest to discourage her from scraping the last bit of dust from the tiny crack in the wall behind my piano.

-- Lord no, no more cleaning.

[Well she's not cleaning the dust off the tiny crack on the wall behind my piano. Which I have stopped playing since... a long time ago. She's not THAT much of a compulsive cleaner, but if this is a 10 out of a scale of 10, I would say Mom is somewhere around 8. She gave up on us kids helping her years ago because besides hearing us whine incessantly WHILE cleaning, she wasn't satisfied with our cleaning standards. ]

Plus, it is tradition to wear new clothes, particularly in bright colors, because tradition (again) just thought it would be a great way to start the new year and good luck all year round. Does that mean I get to go shopping again?

[I wear dark colors almost every Chinese New Year. It's a slimming color.]

Anyway I have covered free will, (blind?) faith and new clothes all in 1 post. Super.

p.s. There is a new girl at work and she's not trying hard enough to get into my "People to greet with a smile" pool, and leaning precariously and tempting me to banish her to my "People who do not exist" pool. Plus she has a Miu Miu bag and I don't. Fuck. Will update you guys soon. Could this be Me VS New Girl??

I'm getting even myself intrigued.

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