Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dress-ups, broke, layering, camera robot and pinafore.

I know you guys do not read this blog for playing clothes swap/match. A big (self-)pondering post will appear soon. Something happened, it was not something big or bad. It is just, unexpected. I still do not know HOW to put it down in words, so let's just play dress up till then, shall we?


Hey peeps, it is the return of "Playing Dress-ups".

I am seriously running out of ideas on what to wear to work. Everytime I run out of ideas, I run to the shops. That is definitely not a good idea since in my LAST post, I just mentioned I am going broke. Everytime I step into a mall, I buy something. If there is absolutely nothing to buy, I will still buy knickers or the weird bookmark that I don't use.

Not good. I should work with what I have.

The air-conditioning in my office has driven the masses to bundle up in the office. I saw someone in a jacket with a FUR-TRIMMED collar today. I think layering should come in handy now that I won't melt with so many layers of clothing thanks to the bitter cold.

I think it looks nice. Except for the blurry photo. I should really read the instruction manual on this stupid Canon camera. How can the whole world say it is a great point-and-shoot camera when I churn out heaps of blurry photos?

C'mon, give me a break stupid camera robot.

Now, on to 'going-out' clothes!

Everywhere I go, everyone is layering. Damnit.

I hope I can pull this off.

[I bought the purple top a LONG time ago when J remarked I did not own purple clothes. It was still wrapped in the tissue before I took it out last week.]

Check out my new short shorts!

I thought I continue with the layering theme. I like the pinafore-ish thing going on here. I don't know why, maybe because I never had a pinafore for my uniform when I was little. Making up for lost time?

Have fun, stay sane and tag at my tagboard people! It has gotten deleted 3 times!!!!

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