Saturday, March 24, 2007

Home, grandma, time, engagement and marriage.

I'm back home for the weekend. It felt like ages since I have been home to see my folks. It is Nan's birthday today and the clan is going to head out for dinner together. It's Nan's 92th birthday and the first without my aunt. It feels sad when I think about it.

Nan is pretty good for a 92 year old. She is healthy although she suffered a stroke in 1999 and she's wheelchair bound. Her memory is slipping and she can't recognise me sometimes on bad days. On good days, she can tell me bits about my childhood when I ask her.

Pretty amazing how time passed. Soon, it will be the 1 year anniversary of her passing. I guess when you are all wrapped up in work, plodding through life and repeating the work-eat-sleep routine, you lose sense of time. I know I have.

Anyway I have not forgotten about the "thing" I was supposed to write about.

The Boy is engaged.

When he broke the news to me, I was happy for him. After all, we have been friends for so long and the breakup was amicable. The engagement still came as a shock, simply because I thought it was too soon.

Being one who doesn't mince her words, I asked him straight if he had given this any thought at all. It is now April, and they only started going out since November. Frankly, I am a realist and I just do not believe you want to spend the rest of your life with someone just after 6 months.

The "honeymoon" period of a relationship is not an indication of what married life would be. During the honeymoon period, your new partner can do no wrong. He can even burn down your apartment during one of his stupid "hey watch me put a gas tank next to open fire" stunts and you will still love him to bits.

Married life comes with responsibilities. The downpayment for the apartment, living expenses, children and dealing with the in-laws. When you come home from work, the least thing you want to do is to pick up his mess. With his filthy socks strewn all over the living room as he was took them off while making his way to the couch to catch his favourite team on tv, and god knows what died in the microwave while he tried to "cook".

Laundry, cleaning, commitment, wailing babies and all the responsibilities of the world. This is married life.

-- Wife does not equal to "live-in laundry lady"

Nonetheless all the best to The Boy! Glad he found someone to say "till death do us part".

I don't know. Personally, everytime I think about the whole marriage bit, I get a little freaked out. Sure, I would like to get hitched one day. But I would just like to do it ONCE. So I'm going to take it slow and mull this over (a beer perhaps).

You know, thinking about things long and hard before agreeing never killed anyone.

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